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playing back in 5.7 and before everything was fine, except the silly amount of particles used in tree of life rooms, everything was fluid, loaded fine. Players did, was part of large battles etc. All the huge lag was from servers not being able to handle the loads yet as it were and optimizations needing being made. As time wears on I return to things like the city being invisible unless I am on top of it. Most of the view being completely white with some trees because nothing will load in. wolves right outside being invisible when near me and never loading in, and it is like wtf did they do to this game. I am using a custom built computer made this year and is rather expensive, except the video card which is a bit older thanks to the extremely marked up prices on them and rarity.

I would like to post screenshots but does not seem allowed. I can not do something as simple as walk anymore because I walk into things without them being able to load until on it. I cannot see the city at a distance, I cannot see anything but a few trees in the distance, I cannot see enemies or players standing near them. Only my character acts flawlessly.


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Longtime no talk sir - hope you are well!

I had this issue at one point, and I think I had to re-install, but since you mention an older video card, maybe new drivers would be helpful at least?

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54 minutes ago, Teddybear said:

nope. Uninstalled and reinstalled to get this same stuff. Game is completely unplayable.

Did you try emailing support@crowfall.com ?


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I did. no response, but I found out the solution.

advanced settings - occlusion culling is what was doing it. No idea why it was automatically on and set to anything

but its off now and I have everything on screen, players creatures and buildings now thank the gods


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