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6.540 Test Update Notes for 6/17/2021

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If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback


  • The leading faction or guild for a given zone will now have their crest appear on the world view map above that node.


  • Added a chest socket to the Crafting Deck
  • Harvesting efficiency should be working again.

Food Buffs

  • Ice Cream now properly procs on Cleric Basic Melee attacks


  • The Cursor should automatically be inserted in the text field for Add Guild Member invitation UI


  • Fixed an issue where the Champion’s Throw hurlbat hit effects were removed from the observer perspective


  • Fixed a floating crafting table in the mortuary building, it no longer floats!     
  • Fixed an issue where the sacrifice sound was not playing
  • Fixed a problem where players were able to climb Knotwood trees when half harvested. 


  • Fixed some issues with NPCs using incorrect idle poses and missing weapons.
  • Underhill Duelists can no longer shoot you through walls.
  • Raised the nametag of the campfire NPC in the Earth Temple of Gods Reach


  • Added a Faction Pin to the Runegates that lead back to the Earth Temple for the GR4 zones
  • Added how to remove disciplines to the questline
  • Fixed an issue where Huebald forgot what zone he was in when welcoming the player
  • Huebald now has an interaction when you are sent to "Join Your Faction" for the Moon faction
  • Killing level 1 wolves in GR1 will no longer count for the Wildlands quest
  • Moved the campfire by Tristan in GR3 more towards the corner
  • Removed an additional siege objective on the fort in The Arborium, The Solarium, and The Lunarium safe areas that was causing the UI to not display correctly
  • Removed the capture point from the Zaleena Statue in the Earth Temple of Gods Reach
  • Removed the directions Ayda gives you as they are different depending on the zone the player is in.
  • Updated the class trainer quests to mention that the item he gives you might be beyond their level and they'll have to level up
  • Victory in the Dying World and Flocking to the Dregs quests now have the correct quest markers and text descriptions

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