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6.540 Test Update Notes for 6/20/2021

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If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback

Soulbinding item tech has arrived!

  • These items will have a Bind on Equip Restriction tag on them until equipped the first time.
  • Once equipped the first time, the item transitions from Bind on Equip, to No Drop No Trade.
  • Disciplines now fall under the Soulbind category.
  • A Soulbound Discipline can now be unequipped.
  • Disciplines will no longer be destroyed when unequipped.
  • Discipline unequipping still requires the player to be located in the Temple zone.


  • Combat HUD UI now displays "CAPTURABLE" for the time text in Outposts
  • Corrected the time remaining notification in world when the campaign is ending
  • Displaying the available import/export tokens on the scenario tooltip and launch screen
  • Siege weapon powers now appear in the spellbook if mounted on one
  • The war table should no longer unlocked staged items, and do other strange things, when the player's inventory changes
  • Updated the description of the Procession and Caravan buffs to state the correct buff amount.


  • Added 3 new appearances for 1h Maces; Elken, Guinecean, High-Elf.
  • 1h mace Nethari appearance has been updated. (Its old appearance is now the new Elken one)
  • Enchanted and transmogged items can no longer be used in factory recipes
  • Fixed a bug where Fixed Quality of Output Item and item's preview icon's quality does not match
  • Harvest Chance: Survivalist is now known as Harvest Chance: Nuts and Grubs
  • Implemented new icons for various metal materials
  • Lyessa's Gaze buff now properly indicates its stat
  • Lyessa's Blessing buff now properly indicates its stat
  • Runewright trait is now properly applied when equipping a Runemaker Crafting Belt
  • Updated the crafting menu to specifically state which classes can equip which weapons and armor.

Eternal Kingdom

  • All deeds are now allowed to collide with environmental objects when placing them.
  • Fixing exception being thrown on exit from an EK
  • Fixed an issue where the Alchemist Hut stronghold building was missing its destroyed model.
  • Updating more thrones to be compatible with new sockets.


  • Added a hotkey (P) to open the friend list UI
  • An 'echo' highlight will show on the world select button in the lobby front end to guide new players. Once they click on world select, the highlight will not be seen again.
  • Add hotkey visual to side bar for quest log tool tip
  • Alliance kick, invite, and make leader commands will now show the correct error message when no guild or player is present
  • Displaying the available import/export tokens on the scenario tooltip and launch screen
  • When binding inputs, the clear and cancel buttons now activate when the mouse button is released like other buttons, rather than activating immediately when the mouse button is pressed.


  • Players may have up to 5 player-created channels


  • Death blow should no longer change targets while it's charging up
  • Updated ultimates to state the amount of damage reduction they grant. (80%)


  • Corrected typo In The Zone power tooltip is missing the word seconds after the number 5 which is the duration


  • Blood Rage buff now indicates it regenerates Rage every 2 seconds.


  • Cleric Block amount listed in the power description now properly updates when you increase your block bonus


  • Static Bolt no longer has an essence cost type since it does not cost essence to use


  • Go for Broke now indicates if you take damage while this power is active you will be Knocked Down.    


  • Fixed typo in the Elken's Head Butt power


  • Fixed typo in the description of Frostguard


  • Adjusted Ranger Barrage camera shake so that it only triggers on the first impact.
  • Ranger Layout's Constitution stat now properly turns off


  • Fixed typo in Holy Warrior's description
  • Updated the timings of some templar abilities to better match their animations


Holy Avenger

  • Battle Chant FX no longer disappears when you use Righteous Stand

Spirit Speaker

  • Renamed the buff and debuff applied by Ghost Army to "Ghost Army" instead of "Haunt" which is both the name of another power within the same discipline AND the name of the buff this different power applies. Fixed the description for Ghost Army to be relevant to Ghost Army.

Tunnel King 

  • Tunnel's description has been updated to note it will not work if you will end up in any obstacle


  • Account Vault should now show how many slots are available, and how many are used.
  • Added a Level-up Specialist Pedestal for VIP players to instantly reach level 25 on new characters
  • Added ambient sounds for the hunger-ridden temple in GR3 Moon Temple zone
  • Attempting to buy or sell additional items when already being prompted for confirmation no longer switches which item is being bought or sold or what type of transaction is in progress. The initial request must first be accepted or declined.
  • Fixed an issue causing the runegate debuff update to now show up in sky point
  • Fixed typo in Wildkin's Retort 
  • Poison applied from NPCs should now correctly display poison VFX
  • Removed a buff pedestal from a Dragon Statue that was intended to be purely cosmetic. The "Gold Dragon Altar Relic" still has this buff pedestal, as intended.
  • Sprinting is no longer affected by movement speed buffs
  • Thralls during active hotzones will give up to double loot. The loot drops were reduced slightly.
  • Toning down screen shake for basic Attacks


  • Adjusted Huebald's first quest to require level 25 instead of the previous quest
  • Adjusted the Guild Recruiters quest to unlock at level 9 or higher
  • Fixed an issue with the catapults causing them to become destroyed immediately
  • Fixed an issue with the Yaga's Requiem buff tooltip description where the value would always be zero
  • Fixed the Moon Temple runegates being rotated incorrectly
  • Moved some more vendors in the marketplace of the Earth Temple in Gods Reach and set level restrictions on the Earth Temple Runegates. You must be level 9 to enter the Sun Temple, level 17 to enter the Moon Temple, and level 25 to enter your faction's respective low sec zone.
  • Moved the Priestess of Wrath to be more visible in the Earth Temple of Gods Reach
  • Mysterious Summoner NPC in God's Reach Zone 2 now has chanting VO and SFX
  • Sun faction members no longer has a Keepout debuff placed on them when in the Training fort area of The Solarium
  • Updated Guild Recruiter Jian's dialogue to explain how to join a guild
  • Updated Master Fiamma's refine quest in GR2 to use a fake NPE item, rather than an iron ingot
  • Updated Morrigan's dialogue in the Intermediate Weapon making quest to note the specific discipline you can get to make advanced weapons of that type

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