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Why Being The Best Crafter Does Not Feel Great


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You work your tail off grinding away at items you don't need because mob drops are better. Let's say weaponsmith for the sake of this discussion. You spend a ton of gold, blow more dust than a 1970s night club and personally take the harvester's time invested in acquiring materials. You are the best. You have a Legendary Disc/Belt, The best crafting gear and all the potions. You are ready to take a job for someone crafting. 


They give you all the materials necessary and you get to work to craft a legendary weapon for a customer. You make the sub-combines and they turn out pretty well. You do everything you need to do. You start your experimentation with the proper amount of risk, given your skill that is the best in the game. The first random numbers come up poorly so you do a full reroll and spend the chaos embers. The second set of random numbers come up worse. You click on the reroll of the lowest 3 but you are sure that is not going to have any impact. The weapon turns out worse than a good purple. In essence, you just wasted your time and burned the customer's materials. From your customer's standpoint, the product and all the effort to gather those legendary items was a waste. It took no small effort and in the end the wide range of random results is a problem in this game. It feels bad and it completely prevents any sort of transaction occurring like this. 


The life of a legendary crafter consists of 2 options. Either craft by volume using the resources of your entire guild to try to get a few good pieces once in a while or try to be a freelance crafter making pieces for people where the results will ultimately fail to be better than the lower color weapons 60% of the time and cause the crafter to quit. It feels bad. 


I used to be a legendary grandmaster spellcrafter on DAOC. For a while, I was the best in the business for my faction and on the server. I would get great materials from people, take the best equipment in the game that they meticulously had made for them and add on the enchantments. Leveling it sucked and it was an expensive grind but at the top it felt good. The crafting paid off. Crowfall crafting needs to pay off more. 


Reducing the randomness of the results would help enforce player skill would matter more than pure luck. Allowing the crafter to select where the 3 reroll points are used could help as well. 



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Another option could be making the forbidden knowledge coins you add when going from epic to lego far more potent so there is a better payoff for the gold and time sink of the lego belt.

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