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6.540 Live Update Notes for 6/22/2021

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Beta Build 6.540.0  

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: LIVE Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: LIVE Feedback

Balance Changes
Our recent milestone focus has been polishing and refining the gameplay experience to achieve the highest quality possible at launch, and as we get closer to launch many systems are seeing numerical tweaks to take us from a state of Beta testing to what we expect to Launch with and use as a basis for the future. (for example, we've altered the level 30+ XP curve)  In some cases, content that was only in the game to help out the testing experience has been removed. (older potions and things) In other cases, new systems have come online in this last milestone, which have allowed us to remove older placeholder content in favor of an updated form of that content. (ie Weapon Weights / Specialty Seals turning into Enchants).

New Enchanting Feature
The Enchanting system introduces the opportunity for further customization of player-crafted advanced+ Weapons and Armor. Items can be enchanted one time, using enchants found in a variety of forms in the open-world content. The process of enchanting items starts with recipes found in your crafting book’s Enchanting section, which is part of the Crafting Menu - simply press “J” in-game - to open your crafting menu.

Transmog Feature
For our Kickstarter Backers, we now have a process through which you can claim the “Arcane Weapon Set” reward using the ‘transmogrification’ process (already in-game). To activate the process, open your Crafting Menu - simply press “J” in-game - then search for the ‘Arcane Weapon Set’ recipe. This recipe turns any advanced+ crafted weapon into an Arcane Weapon via the recipe found under the ‘Backers’ section of your crafting book. Enjoy using your Arcane Weapon set!

Wipe Status
We will be wiping the game data from the service as part of the release of the upcoming 6.540 update coming later this month. We try to avoid wiping the service whenever possible. However, it is necessary to remove the old data from the service as we get ready for the final update (6.550), to ensure quality at launch. There also will be one final wipe to the game service coinciding with Crowfall’s launch on July 6th.

Gods Reach 4
The Fourth Chapter of the New Player Experience will bridge from early leveling, primarily player-vs-environment, to giving players a taste of the larger player-vs-player strategy game.

This chapter covers the basic mechanics of a siege, how victory cards work and gives players a sense of the diverse activities you can participate in Crowfall. You will learn the basics of taking control of a Stronghold, a Fort, and even building and defending a Keep as you move into more dangerous areas that offer greater risk but also greater rewards as you prepare for PvP in Skypoint and Dregs!

End of Campaign Reward Structure Improvements!

Conquest: Rewards are bestowed to the guilds who score 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in Conquest points. In addition, all guilds who participate and score Conquest points will be eligible to receive rewards! Reward tiers are separated into the top 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and any percent.

Glory, Wealth, and Power: The number of guilds eligible to receive rewards and the size of each reward tier has been increased! Rewards tiers are now separated into the top 20%, 40%, and 60% of scoring guilds for each point category.

Soulbinding item tech has arrived!
These items will have a Bind on Equip Restriction tag on them until equipped the first time.
Once equipped the first time, the item transitions from Bind on Equip, to No Drop No Trade.
Disciplines now fall under the Soulbind category.
A Soulbound Discipline can now be unequipped.
Disciplines will no longer be destroyed when unequipped.
Discipline unequipping still requires the player to be located in the Temple zone.

Free Beta Closing

The Free Beta closes Wednesday, June 23, at 11:59 PM CDT (6:59 AM CEST). Players who have purchased the game can stay and play with us until Launch!


  • Adjusted the culling distance on Ballistas
  • Added a clarification that campaign rewards are for guilded players only
  • Changed item restrictions to be paragraph form instead of vertical list form
  • Combat HUD UI now displays "CAPTURABLE" for the time text in Outposts
  • Corrected the time remaining notification in world when the campaign is ending
  • Displaying the available import/export tokens on the scenario tooltip and launch screen
  • Fixed a bug where the character would get stuck in the siege weapon camera mode when the siege ends while mounted to the siege weapon
  • Fixed a collision issue on the 4th floor of the castle
  • Fixed a vendor slot in the Dregs Castle (players will now be able to place a vendor in the slot, while before it was blocked by some crates)
  • Fixed an issue where Fort wall ladders were not sending you back down correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Conquest header on the leaderboard would appear as a string
  • Guilds that qualify for the first, second, and third placements on conquest rewards do not count towards the ranked percentile calculations for top 20%
  • In order to make capturing and controlling of Forts possible for the full duration of the siege rather than the last few minutes, Fort chests no longer accumulate resources outside of Siege Windows.  During the Siege Window for the Forts, items now accumulate every 2.5 minutes which can be looted by the faction that controls the Fort
  • Items imported into an embargoed campaign can no longer be sacrificed to the war table to upgrade a stronghold
  • Map Leaderboard UI contains better messaging for faction members
  • Seasons have returned to campaigns! 
  • Siege schedule has been renamed to Event Schedule 
  • Siege Schedules now properly show Castles and Hot Zones, allowing each to be filtered as well
  • Siege weapon powers now appear in the spellbook if mounted on one
  • Taming a Caravan now dismounts you
  • The Banetree hit location is now consistent for Range attacks
  • The Caravan POI icons will now correctly display in Dregs
  • The leading faction or guild for a given zone will now have their crest appear on the world view map above that node
  • The tree of life will no longer float after being destroyed
  • The Unlock Campaign button should now be properly displayed for a completed campaign
  • The war table should no longer unlock staged items and do other strange things when the player's inventory changes
  • Updated all the dregs campaigns to have the caravan POIs. With that addition, we removed the names of those specific canyons, hills, and forest parcels
  • Updated the cost of Building Stronghold Buildings and walls to account for longer campaigns
  • Updated the description of the Procession and Caravan buffs to state the correct buff amount
  • Using the Leaderboard key (Tab by default) will open the map and leaderboard window together. It will default to the Event/Siege Schedule tab initially, or the most recently active tab if a different tab is clicked afterward


  • 2h Maces / 1h Maces now have increased base damage along with Increased base Weapon Weight
  • Added a chest socket to the Crafting Deck
  • Added a Hunger Shard with Nature Penetration
  • Added 'Melee basic attack' at the description of the item and buff tooltip for ice cream food
  • A "Stack" flag has been added to crafting menu item preview and the number of items to be crafted will now show up
  • Beneficial Harvest Wood buff tooltip will now display the stat properly
  • Bone Broth should behave as a Wined buff
  • Changed experimentation tooltip stat effect to only trigger if the stat changes
  • Crafters can now see a preview of the item they are crafting, complete with a tooltip!
  • Crafting Recipe Runecrafting Specialty Seal has been Deprecated
  • Deprecated all Heavy Weapons
  • Deprecated Weapon Weights crafting item
  • Enchant: Great weapon - Reduced Weight tooltip typo error fixed
  • Enchanted items will show that they have been Enchanted! in the item restriction portion of the item tooltip
  • Enchanting: Armor Enchant slot now has an icon
  • Enchants on weapon weight will work correctly again
  • Fix Crafting an item displays a different color rarity on the "Successful Assembly"
  • Fixed a bug where items crafted with stacks were giving an error that the player lacks inventory space
  • Fixed Large Pack Pig's incorrect skinnable corpse size
  • Fixed scrolling settings in crafting experimentation
  • Flawed Assemblies can now be fixed during the crafting process in exchange for Ethereal Dust.
  • Flawed Assembly fix cost is based on the quality of the item produced and the type of recipe. (Weapons are more expensive to fix vs Blade Rivets)
  • Flawed Assemblies no longer decrease item quality by 1 rank
  • Fixed Typo in the Flawed Assembly fix UI
  • Harvest tools should now show immediately when starting the harvest power rather than showing after a delay
  • Harvest Tools will now have a higher internal chance to proc their appropriate Minor Harvest Discipline type in the riskier PvP zones
  • Ice Cream now properly procs on Cleric Basic Melee attacks
  • Increased base Weapon Weight on Advanced and Runic Weapons (All Weapons now share a similar base Weapon Weight no matter the type)
  • Increased base Weapon Weight on all War Tribe Weapons
  • Mount Transmogrification recipes will now preserve the mount's durability
  • New UI element on crafting experimentation page for crafting ingredients that can display additional info. (see Factory Ethereal Dust ingredient slot)
  • The harvesting prompt should now update appropriately when the player mounts or dismounts while targeting a node
  • Reduced base Harvesting values on Intermediate/Advanced tools. (These values were moved over to the food system buffs, can I interest you in a Sandwich?)
  • Reduced the Base Crit Harvest Chance bonus from Beneficial Harvest to 8% (There are now multiple ways to increase this stat)
  • Reduced the Factory Resource Costs of all Armor Recipes. (Since we no longer need to include the cost of assumed Specialty Seals.)
  • Removed references to Specialty Seals from Crafting Belts.
  • Removed Specialty Seals from all armor recipes.
  • Runestone Tools Tooltip Descriptions no longer mentions The Infected
  • Tinker camp stew can now be crafted with any meat.
  • Transmog/Enchant/Factory Runs will no longer change the sacrifice value of an item

Eternal Kingdom

  • All deeds are now allowed to collide with environmental objects when placing them
  • Added 3 new appearances for 1h Maces; Elken, Guinecean, High-Elf
  • Added lights to hero statue
  • Adding new Deed Icons for round towers
  • Deeds with containers including chests and vendors are now limited to 100 per kingdom
  • EK-Only items should no longer be importable into embargo worlds by way of a new character subscription. Instead, the player is prompted to strip those items
  • Enchanted and transmogged items can no longer be used in factory recipes
  • Extended EK availability time after all players have left the kingdom to 15 minutes for non-VIP EKs and 30 minutes for private VIP EKs. Public VIP EKs still remain open 3 hours after every player leaves
  • Fixing exception being thrown on exit from an EK
  • Fixed a bug where Fixed Quality of Output Item and item's preview icon's quality does not match
  • Fixed an issue causing the thrall buff to display incorrect values
  • Fixed an issue in EKs where container tokens weren't updating correctly when parcels with containers were removed
  • Fixed an issue that caused EKs to fail to load sometimes
  • Fixed an issue where deeds could be placed on parcels that the player wasn't a vassal on
  • Fixed an issue where EK placeable banners would appear without their banner fabric
  • Fixed an issue where the Alchemist Hut stronghold building was missing its destroyed model
  • Going to the top of the castle on the Castle Parcel should no longer lock up the client
  • Harvest Chance: Survivalist is now known as Harvest Chance: Nuts and Grubs
  • Hiding EK ownership banner on details view for non-EK campaigns.    
  • Three new EK parcels have been introduced. They can only be obtained through rewards. A tall mountain parcel, a market parcel, and a fighting arena parcel!
  • Implemented new icons for various metal materials
  • Lyessa's Gaze buff now properly indicates its stat
  • Lyessa's Blessing buff now properly indicates its stat
  • Removed the enchanting station from the Market parcel for EKs
  • Runewright trait is now properly applied when equipping a Runemaker Crafting Belt
  • The EK commands /ekincrementnoblecellcount and /ekincrementvassaltokencount now allow brackets when executed
  • Updating more thrones to be compatible with new sockets
  • Updated the Caldera, the Mountain Citadel, the Capital, the Fief, the Town, and the City parcels
  • Updated the crafting menu to specifically state which classes can equip which weapons and armor
  • Updated the rotation increments of EK buildings for improved placement precision


  • A message will play when trying to sprint while out of stamina
  • Added a hotkey (P) to open the friend list UI
  • Added Crowfall intro cinematic to play the first time the game is launched, and when the player presses the "replay intro" button in the lobby menu
  • Add hotkey visual to sidebar for quest log tooltip
  • Adjusted rebinding to treat AltGr as the right Alt. Left Ctrl and right Alt pressed at the same time will sometimes be treated as right Alt alone so this adjustment works for international keyboards
  • Alliance kick, invite and make leader commands will now show the correct error message when no guild or player is present
  • An 'echo' highlight will show on the world select button in the lobby front end to guide new players. Once they click on world select, the highlight will not be seen again
  • Clicking outside of the settings window in the lobby no longer closes it
  • Displaying the available import/export tokens on the scenario tooltip and launch screen
  • Disabling Voice Chat Enabled should remove the Connect button and prevent players from joining voice
  • F12 now opens the settings window in the lobby
  • Fixed an issue related to spamming the connect/disconnect button for Vivox; this should no longer cause Vivox to get into a bad state
  • Fixed a bug where the interact prompt would disappear after sending a social command to a targeted player (trade, invite, etc)
  • Fixed a  bug where tooltips on the world view map would remain visible forever
  • Fixed an issue with rebinding a key mapped to another action not properly removing the bind from the old action
  • Hovering over items/powers while moving will now show the tooltip/description of the item/power
  • Increasing the intensity of camera shakes while the player is moving the camera, to prevent the shake from getting lost in the movement
  • Input settings will no longer swap the primary and secondary binding for an action when the primary binding is a mouse input and the secondary is keyboard input
  • Lobby vault item tooltip now opens Crowpedia when 'G' is pressed
  • Pressing ESC or middle mouse button with a confirmation prompt for selling an item active now correctly cancels the sale and no longer leaves the items inaccessible in inventory
  • Removed the whisper option for players that are offline
  • The Cursor should automatically be inserted in the text field for Add Guild Member invitation UI
  • Tooltips no longer close when moving/autorunning
  • When binding inputs, the clear and cancel buttons now activate when the mouse button is released like other buttons, rather than activating immediately when the mouse button is pressed


  • Chat should no longer scroll down when new messages come in if you're currently scrolled up in the log
  • Guild Chat join/leave logic should now be less complicated, and more consistent with the social service guild membership state
  • Leaving and rejoining General, Kingdom, and Events should both work, and also not duplicate tabs
  • Players may have up to 5 player-created channels


  • Adjusted visuals and SFX for some projectiles
  • Auto-attack no longer triggers while dragging windows
  • Character sheet weapon damage will now have attack power included
  • Death blow should no longer change targets while it's charging up
  • Elken Headbutt and Minotaur BullRush now apply a knockdown effect
  • Elken headbutt and Myrmidon Bullrush will correctly time knocking down enemies
  • Fixed an issue where the Champion’s Throwhurlbat hit fx was removed from the observer perspective
  • Fixed an issue where your character would be stuck in a combat state if you activated a power during logout
  • Fixed buff tooltip for Gigantism and Hungry as a Horse
  • Increased the speed that Basic Attack projectiles travel for Frostweaver, Confessor, Ranger, and Druid
  • Power tooltips properly add weapon damage when first entering a zone
  • Recall power VFX should no longer end early
  • Saltpeter rounds should no longer appear on the Guinecear Racial Discipline since it is a Duelist power
  • Updated combo power tree to support free weaving
  • Updated the Speed of basic attack projectiles for ranged characters
  • Updated ultimates to state the amount of damage reduction they grant (80%)
  • While reading a power description you can now hold CTRL to see a definition for various terms used in powers


  • Corrected typo In The Zone power tooltip is missing the word seconds after the number 5 which is the duration
  • Irresistible will now trigger on multiple targets when Shadowstep is used
  • Knight power Obliterate tooltip's bleed value now updates dynamically
  • The Cripple Combo power is now named Crippling Stab

Barbed Stake

  • Barbed stakes that are cast by the player will no longer remove the player from stealth when the damage occurs to an enemy


  • Blood Rage buff now indicates it regenerates Rage every 2 seconds.
  • Brutal Warrior's additional rage generated per hit will now display in the combat log


  • Cleric Block amount listed in the power description now properly updates when you increase your block bonus


  • Spirit Whip no longer hits your primary target twice with Druid basic attacks
  • Static Bolt no longer has an essence cost type since it does not cost essence to use
  • Updated the description of Spirit Whip for accuracy. Now says that Spirit Whip damage does not count as a Basic Attack


  • Go for Broke now indicates if you take damage while this power is active you will be Knocked Down


  • Fixed typo in the Elken's Head Butt power


  • Fixed typo in the description of Frostguard
  • Frostweaver pips show proper max pips when first entering a zone


  • Fixed an issue causing Mighty Surge to not Benefit Critical Hack or Restoration Strike
  • Swordsmanship passive description text no longer has a debug string in the place of what should have been a value


  • Titans using Berserk are now given a slight invulnerable window when they are about to die to ensure rapidly applied damage does not kill them while berserking


  • Adjusted Ranger Barrage camera shake so that it only triggers on the first impact
  • Ranger Layout's Constitution stat now properly turns off


  • Fixed typo in Holy Warrior's description
  • Divine Light FX no longer disappears when you dodge while it's active
  • Updated the timings of some templar abilities to better match their animations


  • Added mention of automatic essence regen being disabled to earthkeeper and archdruid promotions
  • Discipline Powers that use pips should now use the correct pip costs
  • Fortified Protection Stake's buff tooltip now properly reports the stat increase
  • Item tooltip now displays discipline descriptions correctly, making the appropriate name substitutions
  • Recall can now be used while stuck in the falling animation while hung up on geometry

Angel's of Death

  • Added missing % sign in Angel of Death's description

Avatar of Storms 

  • Call Lightning no longer splits damage between all enemies hit, rather each enemy has full damage done to them
  • Storm Avatar description now indicates its duration (30s)

Critical Dodge

  • Critical Dodge now only triggers when you are not at max charges on your dodge

Druid Disciplines

  • Storm Avatar and Pack Avatar will now properly overwrite each other

Holy Avenger 

  • Battle Chant FX no longer disappears when you use Righteous Stand

Pix Fix

  • Pix Fix will now increase the number of targets by Naiad Fountain of Life by 1

Spirit Whip 

  • Spirit Whip power description has been updated

Spirit Speaker

  • Renamed the buff and debuff applied by Ghost Army to "Ghost Army" instead of "Haunt" which is both the name of another power within the same discipline AND the name of the buff this different power applies. Fixed the description for Ghost Army to be relevant to Ghost Army


  • Added pulsing and duration to the Get Behind Me buff from Stalwart so the buff does not become permanent in certain situations

Tunnel King 

  • Tunnel's description has been updated to note it will not work if you will end up in any obstacle


  • Account Vault should now show how many slots are available, and how many are used.
  • Added a Level-up Specialist Pedestal for VIP players to instantly reach level 25 on new characters
  • Added a tooltip that shows up on purchasable character slots.
  • Added tooltips to the Location Info in the Map
  • Adding new Swift Mounts to the mount vendor: Auroch, Bear, Elk, Hellcat, Spider, and the Wolf
  • Alliances should now be grouped together in Zone chat
  • Added HUD notification for unspent talent/attribute points
  • Added new Racial Weapon appearances
  • Added player-level requirements to all Weapons and Armor. Starter Weapons have no level requirement
  • Adjusted water visualization
  • Attempting to buy or sell additional items when already being prompted for confirmation no longer switches which item is being bought or sold or what type of transaction is in progress. The initial request must first be accepted or declined.
  • Bank Guards should no longer have red health bars in any scenario
  • Cleaning up vault UI to display 'FREE' token cost of exports, when the campaign is set up for unlimited exports.
  • Dragging/dropping items or right-clicking to move between inventory and spirit bank and between inventory and vendor when selling no longer re-enables the inventory icon briefly during the transfer
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Earth Eater Daemon's body to float after it is looted
  • Fixed an issue where the horse could get stuck visually on your crow when you die while mounted due to falling off the world edge
  • Fixed early-onset balding on the Centaur Female
  • Fixed many floating objects in the world to ground level
  • Fixed the broadcast message position so it does not overlap the OK button
  • Group members will now show up as "downed" in the group UI when they have died but haven't released crow
  • Imported new Russian language file
  • Improved the visuals of several powers (casting, and animations)
  • Increased base Attributes on Vendor Common Quality Vessels
  • Increased visual contrast to the game
  • Infected campaign coin can no longer be looted in GR001 and GR002 campaign
  • In-game guild crest emblems and patterns should now appear as they do on the guild crest creation website
  • Modified the value of sacrifice XP to be more consistent
  • On entry to the lobby, if the player has no characters created, they will automatically be placed into the character creation screen
  • Outpost guards and aggressive mobs will now ignore each other rather than start fights
  • Players are now prevented from executing respec when it would do nothing
  • Raised zone limits from 175 to 200 players
  • Removed extraneous ring decals from campfires located at tower outposts
  • Respec item now plays SFX
  • The Login Invulnerability Buff duration increased to 20s and should provide CC Immunity for the duration
  • Tuned XP values for levels 30+ to be more in line with non-alpha/beta testing values
  • Typing quickly after pressing Enter to start chat will no longer trigger power use instead of entering input in the chat box
  • Updated Defender loot tables, they should no longer drop novice equipment 
  • Updated Song of Speed VFX
  • Updated the World Select button to instead say PLAY


  • Added audio cues to the character selection list tabs
  • Burning the Sun Elf tent during the God's Reach quest should now have sound
  • Error sound added for quick-buy failure
  • Fixed Mount footstep sounds when on materials such as dirt, grass, water, etc.
  • Sound added for an item granted notification appearing
  • Sound added for group resources spawning in
  • Sounds added for quick trade item sent and receive
  • Sounds from hidden toolbar buttons can no longer be heard when clicking around the top of the start screen
  • There is now custom ambient music when you are near an active Daemon boss
  • Well of Eternity now has a water sound
  • You should now be able to log out and return to the lobby while in crow form.


  • Updated the names of the weapon and armor vendors. Now Novice vendors are Basic Vendors to cover a wide variety of items. Intermediate Vendors are now Novice Vendors since all their items are Novice.

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