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I feel as though one thing is missing

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I see it mentioned in general chat and it is 'chat bubbles' i must say i do miss it and feel quite weird without it.


doesn't have to be anytime soon, but damn do i wish it was in the game already.

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You can't miss what has never been.

The chat system in general needs an overhaul - it is very simple and missing a lot of features. Let us combine chats into a single tab! Let us do stuff like /"channel name" "message" like in basically every other MMO.

Bubbles would be cool. I also personally am a fan of toggle-able proximity chat too but I understand why they don't want that.

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Yep. The chat windows are not great.

I can understand why games don't like spending tons of time on these kinds of things nowadays with Discord and other platforms typically being used by communities. However it's definitely needed still in an MMO.

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