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The Reavers


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Who we are: We are a group of gamers comprised of seasoned veterans and baby faced newbs alike who like to play cooperative, team-oriented games where success is usually dependent on how well a group works together as a team toward group goals rather than individual goals. We generally prefer a PVP-centric playstyle, but recognize the vital role played by those who prefer PVE and crafter/gatherer playstyles as well.


We are looking for new members who love to compete, and want to win, while also understanding that we can't win every battle, and recognize that losses are only opportunities to improve as individuals, and as a group. We want members who enjoy a good night of memeing and nonsense that also are willing to strap in and go to work when the situation calls for it. Ultimately it boils down to us looking for members who want to enjoy this game with friends while making a name for ourselves in the process.


If The Reavers sounds like your kind of guild, come join us on our discord server https://discord.gg/3bsrkKtFK6 and ping Dakota#8232. 

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1 hour ago, Tigari said:

Glad to see you guys finally make an entrance. Hope Morbis is coming. Miss stabbing with him!

Oh no, not him too!!!! 😛

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