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[-LFG-] Red Lion Tavern (Soft Launch Event 7.16 at 5pm EST)


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The steady crackle of the fire tucked neatly into the stone carved hearth was a sobering song to help wake the sleepy tavern from its cold nights rest. The quiet 'clink' of a metal latch, the bang of a wooden cupboard, and the occasional ting of a rapier tip knocking against the edge of the bar. A single feather poking up from behind said bar as the spaces current lone occupant went about his morning routine.

"Quest board is updated... potions, drinks, and tools for the drunks are prepped, gear is looking spiffy if I do say so myself!" The small guinecian spoke, his black and white fur smoothed and slickened with what was likely some alchemist's abomination of beeswax and ground minerals. His eyes scanning about the open space as he paced about. "Not too long now and the Crows al be a coming"

The duelists claws tapping on the surface of the bar as he listened intently for the sound of footsteps on the wooden walk up outside. The modified Villa made for an excellent bar after all, just enough space to comfortably lounge about, a deck area to sit and enjoy the cool open air, and a long ascending staircase that would loudly announce the entrance of anyone coming to visit.

"Oh... I need to update that though!" The guinecian squeaked, almost falling prey to the gentle crackle of the fireplace and the warm smell of his morning cocoa. His scurrying paws carrying him from out behind the bar, across the open floor of the tavern, weaving between the few chairs and tables spread here and there, and out the front to the Quest Board located just outside the tavern's door. A broad ink quill in his grasp as the small guinican hopped up onto the boxes adjacent to said board, quickly scratching out some information on a particular flier. 'Wanted: Mercenaries for Magnien Campaign' had been drawn through with a solid black line as had the several lines above it indicating for prior campaigns.

A flourish of the guinicians fine line-work and the vellum had a new message adorned it. 'Wanted: Mercenaries for Synestra Campaign' with a small embellished guinecian doodle in the border quickly adorning the bottom most part of the parchment, the contact information still present and the same from the prior lines so no need to change that. A quick scan of the board for any new notices yet nothing seemed the different, the open purchasing for apples, curiosities, minerals, and discs ever the same and some of the new crow issued quests were still unclaimed. But those would likely be gone before the day was through.

Either way, watching the sun rise over the castle to the north and seeing the shadows of the nearby trees cast themselves over the Tavern, the guinecian was happy. It was a good day to run a tavern in the Bazaar. Trotting back up the front steps the barkeep made his way back inside, excited for a day of talking trade, gathering routes, gossip, price pointing, and seeing who brought who's skull in to hang on the wall for a good laugh.

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OOC Information Post!

The Grand (soft) Opening of The Red Lion Tavern!
5pm Eastern US Time July 16th

Location: [-LFG-] Bazaar
Channel: Use /join RPRLT for the Tavern
Use /join RPTheWalk for the Scenic Walkway
Use /join RPRLC for the Castle above the Bazaar.

All channels can be exited by using /leave channelnamehere

The /Say command works for an effective 15m and appears in the me tab

The /yell command works for 25m and also appears in the me tab

Use the / key on your numpad to enable walking when moving about.

Well be using the general chat for the EK for OOC


Look for the Manor building with the Brazier by the front steps and the large dark colored dragon! Further events to also be held in the future!

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  • Altybear changed the title to [-LFG-] Red Lion Tavern (Soft Launch Event 7.16 at 5pm EST)

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