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The Icewind Dale mystery.


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Chapter 1. The shadow of Mirabar.

     The deep drums in the dark got closer for every minute.. The ice crystals deep, deep below the Silver Halls vanished with thousend glass sounds; small earth quakes erupted while an army of trolls marched closer to the huge iron gates of Mirabar. The early morning chill was perfect for a good battle, but it was dark magic binded the deep cave trolls. "Normally they dont venture so close to the surface," muttered Bruno Stonefist. "And rest of clan hammerbolt vanished as well, cowards! They are all gone" the shadow chuckled, a deep brown cape had strong magic aura around it, and the old battle ready dwarf looked like large round rock conceled top of the entrance a secret door. 

His mug went down quick early morning beer special brewed to wake up his senses - his huge axe was larger than him, but he held it like no weight. Bruno from the noble house and clan of Mirabar had guard duty - which means his whole clan was reponsible for the first line of defense. However the clan moral was growing thin recently; in deep thoughts the weathered old dwarf muttered; "They always demand more gold and ale; we cant deliver enough quality mead, and our last caravan shipment went missing 3 days ago!" No, they are not even aware that war is almost upon our door step; he clenched his fist and took up an old necklace wich glowed like a deep blue faint light in the dark, and he went further down the narrow stone path far above the huge Iron Gates of Mirabar.

Meanwhile the Frozen north did not disappoint; a heavy snow storm came from the tundra with a strong breeze. And black crows circled the top spires of Mirabar; they were hungry for gold and silver and usually aware of the treasure chambers. These ancient towers were visible for miles down a narrow road and mountain path - so treacherous climb and easy to defend for weathered dwarfs of  the north. The ancient Halls had been the first line of defense for over 2000 years and the City of Neverwinter is always thankful, but never mentioned in the history they came to assist in time of war, but the old dusty alliance is just an old fond memory.


  • A brief version fantasy novel from Forgotten Realms, Faerun, Toril. I wrote it myself and it took me about 2 hours, but it is difficult to write fantasy. Hopefully I get more inspiration after 6th July the official Crowfall launch. Until then enjoy the new mmo and game, because Mirabar is in a deep sleep and a new guild of Crowfall barely started.


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