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6.540 Test Bug Reports for 6/25/2021

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Since two weeks my EK is not loading , it is an EK ON THE Euro-server ,just hope they will fix this , because I want to play the game without having a long conversation with the support ! 



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When using the Minor Discipline "Take Root" the "Planted Buff" has a bug. If you move normally with WASD it works fine. If you jump to move, for example jump forward to get on something and immediately stop moving forward as you land, you will not get the planted buff.

Walk around normal, you get the buff every time. Push Forward+Jump and immediately let go, it will not give you the buff when you land.


Here's a video:


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  1. A lot of freeze with the lobby UI when starting the game or switching characters
  2. Freeze with the opening of friends/guilds/murder of crows window and even had a crash when i was grouped and opened it
  3. Crash when quitting the game, submitted countless of report with it today and yesterday
  4. Had a message when trying to invite friends in my murder of crows saying the murder is full even if i'm only 1/5


Easy to level from 1 to 30 with only some woods, just craft batch of 500 arrows and then sacrifice them, it give 500 xp for each round of arrows crafted and 500 xp sacrificied, if you have enough woods you can skyrocket the levels.

Tested until level 30 and give steadily 500xp each time no matter the level.

Edited by Gorwald


Thelanas Kar'Pal Membre fondateur de l'alliance Naerth en 2001 - Ex Shadowbane European Advisor Damnation/Carnage/Vindication/Corruption http://www.twitch.tv/gorwald/profile

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The 'Elite' rank of some animal mobs of the first Wildland zones, Solarium here likes Matures and Alphas, drop rank 10 corpse nodes you can skin. This is although their levels are level 25/26 and not in the Dregs campaign.





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  • If you Block while you have Faerie Fire on you, Block with go on a 31 second cooldown. This was specifically on a Guinecean Knight
  • male Centaur slides forward when they block while standing still
  • Divine Presence buffs Melee Damage Bonus and PDM by 7% to 7 group members, not Attack Power                           unknown.pngunknown.png
  • #buff_type_1# unknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.png
  • Buff Critical Chance and Amount by 10 % unknown.png
  • if you right click very fast, your cursor will reset to the center of the screen
  • seems like whenever the server restarts, fort chests refill themselves
  • opening your inventory while channeling a power breaks the animation but doesn't interupt the power. Opening your inventory shouldn't break the animation


You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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You cannot upgrade from your uncommon green vessel to Rare blue at lv 33 if some of your rare blue vessel stats are lower. It should be possible in my opinion, so I report it as a bug to increase to level 33 successfully.


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I was experiencing performance issues (freezing) when turning the camera in-game, which now seems to have been resolved by reducing the Report Rate (per second) from 1000 down to 125 on my mouse (not to be confused with DPI).

Possible Fix? (I'm no doctor): Capping the rate at which the game polls the system for mouse updates?

Mouse: Logitec G203 Lightsync

General system specs:



RTX 2060

1TB nvme

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The ‘All’ tab of the Eternal Kingdoms lobby still doesn’t sort by active and accessible EKs at the top of the list. Much of the time it sorts Eternal Kingdoms that set as open to the public but that the owner hasn’t launched or kept running; you end up having to search for kingdoms you know by word of mouth are always loaded using the search bar.

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