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Console style control is a no go.

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The control systems like this where you point your character at something to attack and no cursor are a complete no go for me. Its simply console controls ported to a pc with no thought to the controls a PC give you. This new wave of MMO designed by the younger gen of kids that grew up with console games and are now designing PC games this way or trying to mix a FPS and mmo.


Just my 2 cents or in this case sadly $60 out the door.


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So basically it sounds like you are wanting a more tab target orientated system. Nothing wrong with that, but I can see why this system wouldn't be for you, despite it being excessively lenient ( it's got pretty heavy levels of soft lock targeting).

That being said, it's worth noting that MMO's with an FPS style control scheme are not even remotely new. In this genre in particular, Darkfall did this a long time ago, alongside Mortal Online. With that being said, these controls are not "simply console controls", whilst you probably could play with a controller, it would most certainly be at a disadvantage vs KB/M.

It's hard to tell what you are looking for from the game though, since all you did is make some uninformed assumptions and rather broad generalizations.

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