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NA - MoB - Join the MoB!


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MoB was originally created over 20 years ago, and while we have gone by other names we have remained friends and continue to have fun.  We are there to help each other and to have fun.

Eternal Kingdom:

We already have a very large land area for our EK on release and look forward to you coming to visit as a member or as a guest!

We are looking for active players that are interested in PvP and PvE content.  We will have a range of people doing various parts of the guild.  Mic and Headset are required along with discord.

PvP Players, Crafters, Gatherers

Join in the MoB (https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=mob

Message: BamBam#4275 on discord for more info or join and say hi


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updated info for reqruiting
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