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Are you a grizzled gaming vet who has played pretty much every game tagged with PvP/SandBox/EarlyAccess? (And hate yourself for it)

Do you despise things like whiny self-absorbed guild leaders who scream at people in voice chat and demand that you sacrifice IRL obligations for a game?

Are you OK with joining a guild that has primarily increased its member-base through breeding over the last decade?


Maybe Absolution is the right guild for you!


We are a well organized guild from Darkfall that thrived on planning, diplomacy, and a unique "council" style of leadership (on top of not being unpleasant person bags).  Most of us pre-bought Crowfall like 15 years ago, so we are going to be playing at release, and are open to new recruits.  Check us out below to see if you'd be a fit for us.

Discord: https://discord.gg/mz94gKwVrH

Darkfall Videos:


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32 minutes ago, Uzik said:

Tasos was a great man ❤️

All hail the glorious leader tasos

Shame it took them 10 years to add anything to the game :P and people kept ganking noobs at goblin camps those 2 thing realy hurt the game life :(

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Veeshan Midst of UXA

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