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6.540 Test Bug Reports for 6/30/2021

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Test Patch Notes,  and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported

Please share any bugs you noticed while playing the game, these are objective issues with gameplay. Overall feedback or opinions on systems should be directed to Test Feedback

If you can provide us with the steps you used to create the bug (reproducible steps), an image or even a short video clip that would be ideal and aid us in getting the bug entered properly into our tracking software. Additionally, if you run across a bug on LIVE, can you please try to reproduce it on our Test server as well and let us know if you're successful. 

If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs, or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com. 

*Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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Intro movie still cant be skip by pressing ESC key (have two display screens with extended mode but playing game in Full Screen Window)



It might be better disable interaction prompt UI widget rather than have this Wrong Faction on a "disabled portal gate"



Make the talents tree nodes be aligned properly inside window and with 50% zoom, feels better polished ;)

Also you could make after RANK UP a node, close automatically the talent node window

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I don't know if it's intended but every other "damage over time" skill renew the length of that "dot" if reapplied, except "bleed", you can do bleed attack on a bleeding target 1-2 seconds before it ends and it will still end without resetting the timer.

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INVUNERABLE BUG.  Using a frostweaver with elementalist disc vs a confessor.  Get the frostweaver low and stun them.  Then retaliate on the frostweaver and try to kill them before retaliate falls off.  Now the frostweaver is unkillable by anyone until they are out of combat or maybe the confessor dies.  Used an assassin after the following steps to try and kill them and couldn't.

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Thralls spawning in Sky Point hot zones always have Major thralls that drop Major discipline knowledges. I hadn't seen a patch note saying that Major thralls are no longer Dregs-exclusive so I thought I'd mention it.


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  • This is one crystalline-looking tree unknown.png
  • My vault has 200 slots instead of 440 unknown.png
  • lost control of my character after an EK I was invited to switched from public to private
  • My female centaur breaks her fingers while blocking Crowfall_Screenshot_2021.06.23_-_21.32.1
  • Some merlons on the 3x2 Stone Gatehouse are facing the wrong directions Crowfall_Screenshot_2021.06.21_-_16.17.3
  • Panels still cannot be socketed into Battlements nor can they be raised high enough to socket up thereCrowfall_Screenshot_2021.06.29_-_01.15.2
  • There's no stone battlement rank for the Castle Defense: Ramped Wall 3x1 variant
  • There's no stone battlement rank for the Castle Defense: Gatehouse 3x2 (Center) variant
  • Octagon Towers have 4 sockets, instead of 8 Crowfall_Screenshot_2021.06.21_-_16.15.5
  • Wooden Round Tower says stack, but you can't craft multiple of them unknown.png
  • Arcane Maces are invisible unknown.png

  • male Centaur slides forward when they block while standing still

  • Divine Presence buffs Melee Damage Bonus and PDM by 7% to 7 group members, not Attack Power                         unknown.pngunknown.png

  • Town and Fief Parcels have the same layout

  • Fort Defense Half-Ramped Bridge can't be placed as low as Fort Defense: Ramped Bridges can

  • Castle Defense Sloped Wall can't be placed as low as Castle Defense Half-Sloped Walls can

  • Stronghold Attachable: Hanging Banner can only be picked up by it's handle, which is hard to reach when it's hanging on a wall

  • Placeable Thrones flip 180 degress when you try to socket them inside a Throneroom


You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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I don't think this Respawn Outpost in Sky Point in God's Reach should have a text label on the map. It is part of a Keep and those respawn outposts don't get labelled on the maps.



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Chain Heal from Friar is broken in combination with Pix Fix from Pixie. The second target always gets a much higher amount of healing then the first target and it can still crit which leads to an insane amount of healing on the second target. 



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