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6.540 Live Update Notes for 7/1/2021

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Beta Build 6.540.0  

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: LIVE Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: LIVE Feedback

Known Issues

There is a known issue with characters sometimes appearing invisible.  We’ve added additional logging to troubleshoot this so if you encounter this bug in this new build, please send your Client logs to Support@crowfall.com


  • Added support for configuring Dregs campaigns with a party size of 6 players
  • Players can no longer feed materials to small fort walls. The Wartable UI will now display the walls as completed, even though there are no walls present at the small fort.
  • The outpost capture circle has been adjusted. Having additional players will not reduce the time to capture an outpost anymore. 1 player will capture an outpost at the same rate as 3 players. The overall time to capture an outpost has been reduced as well.


  • Arrows no longer give an extremely high amount of XP (I shot an arrow into the air, where it went I had no care...
    then it hit me)
  • Basic Arrows now require 3 wood
  • Basic/Advanced Arrows can no longer be sacrificed
  • Arrowheads no longer have Durability
  • Crafted Arrows should no longer break upon death. (newly crafted ones post this update)
  • Base level Ingots, Boulders, and Timber can no longer be sold for gold
  • Lowered XP for crafting and sacrificing basic arrows

Eternal Kingdom

  • Active EKs are now always sorted first in the lobby
  • Fixed an EK placement issue where some deeds could be placed overlapping when they also overlapped an environmental object
  • Fixed issues with duplicate parcels appearing in the Imperial Palace and Mountain Citadel bundles
  • The EK editor now has a toggle for the day/night cycle


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Lobby UI to not display correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Clearing/Changing a movement input will affect/disable its opposite direction
  • Remove Murder still displaying Remove friend even though you already remove the player on the friend list


  • Stake powers now have updated icons to differentiate them from each other
  • Using Retaliate will now force Stealth characters out of their Stealth tray when used during a power that would normally restealth you


  • Reduced the damage of Alpha Warriors Neckbreaker by 10%


  • When playing a sanctifier, the Red Targeting highlight that appears on enemies will now update to reflect the Sanctifier's range.


  • Guinecean Knights will no longer have a 30-second cooldown on Block when used with Faerie Fire on them


  • Rapid Fire now causes screen shake in a down to up manner, allowing the fly text to fly upwards


  • Updated buff tooltips for Divine Power, Righteous Smash, and Paladin passive to display the value instead of debug text


Stalwart Discipline

  • Get Behind Me buff now properly removes when the caster stops blocking


  • Combat music should no longer be triggering randomly when out of combat
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to see the correct world bands in the Lobby
  • Fixed an issue where Yaga's touch debuff was negating 1% of support power instead of 50%
  • Fixed a problem that was causing people to get stuck entering a zone with a message about Refreshing Tokens
  • LevelUp and Respec windows now close when used.


  • Chief Vaat now displays a Chief Crown
  • Fixed an issue where players could acquire the quest from Explorer Fardream for equipping a Crafting Disc well after this was intended, and be unable to complete it
  • Heralds should now spawn correctly in Infected zones
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from interacting successfully with certain quest objectives
  • Fixed a problem where the cooldown for certain quest interactions was not displaying properly
  • Fixed an issue that allowed other factions to enter the earth Safezone's Wartribe camp.
  • Fixed an issue where you were not granted Level 30 before being asked to purchase a vessel in the NPE
  • Removed the Rank 10 Skinning Elite and Boss NPC at the Solarium zone
  • Updated "Craft an Intermediate Weapon" quest to correctly give the task of "Reporting Back" rather than "Finding the Major"
  • Updated the spawned NPCs when interacting with an object to be better offset from spawning on top of that object


  • Wartribe NPC weapons are now visible  

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