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Welcome to Crowfall, introduce yourself


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Welcome!  Let us know a little bit about yourself, what games you have played in the past. 

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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Been sleeping and waiting on it. I was actually surprised when I heard the launch announcement and date a couple weeks ago! Looking forward to the experience and learning everything from scratch (I hate alpha/beta testing games so most of it is new to me and I'll have a lot to catch up on).

As for what I've been playing lately... not as much as I'd like! Valheim has been fun. MMO-wise I got sick of beating the dead horse that was WoW, and started trying FFXIV right before the launch announcement. Really enjoying a lot of the aspects of that game and wishing I hadn't slept on it so long, but the ability to simply swap out classes and the crafting (for a theme park MMO) is really great. The only downside is the weebs, lol, but there's probably worse weeb MMOs out there.

Edit 2: SWG, EQ1, SWTOR, and eventually Ashes of Creation if that one pans out. The SWG experience is the one I'm most hoping to get the feel of again, but thanks to Crowfall having input from Raph Koster, I'd say it has an edge here!

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Hello Everyone,

I have played so many different games it's hard to fathom but for the longest time I have played wow since I was around 12. I fell in love with the game play but over the years things have become to easy and doing anything relatively difficult doesn't feel as if you've accomplished anything. As I've jumped from MMO to MMO there was always something missing and to much toxicity to really enjoy gaming. When I found out about Crowfall I fell in love instantly. I think one of the biggest things that's so appealing is the fact that the community is so helpful and encourages you to succeed. 

With this in mind I pushed to build up Conflicts Guild a community that accepted me as a newb in Albion, during the testing faze of Crowfall I had the most enjoyable time. I even got into streaming as I helped new players learn the ins and outs. Unfortunately due to life I had to set gaming on the back burner. 

Life has been starting to line up and with the release of Crowfall I plan on rebuilding Conflict. 

Join me and become apart of Conflicts Gaming Community  as we build our Chapter in Crowfall

Everyone is welcomed 🙂

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I mostly play single player or session-based multiplayer games (TF2, L4D, DRG). To be honest, I have never played an MMORPGs except for a short stint with Darkfall.

Something about Crowfall piqued my interest. I played the tutorial till level 30 and well crafting was fun.

I am pretty casual, but I am looking forward to trying out the release version of Crowfall. Maybe I will even get to try the real game and not the lvl 1-30 tutorial. :)


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Hello to all of my fellow Crows!

I started off my days with MMO's under the alias of Kelix but have also been known across many games and platforms as Nasforatu.  Due to the type of game that Crowfall is I decided to revert back to my original gamer tag this go around.

I have been an avid online gamer since the launch of Ultima Online.  I played Quake III Arena, World Of Warcraft, LOTRO, RIFT, AION, and many others.  I even had a couple of year stint as a semi professional Call Of Duty player.

I enjoy games, building community, and exploring new worlds alongside new friends.  If you see me in game, say hi!  If we decide to cross blades, no hard feelings.  I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield and hopefully getting to know many of you.

Much Respect!

~ Kelix

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Hey Crows !

just an old Man started in the early days of MMORPG´s and loving GroupPvPing.

My favorite game of all time ( still playing ) is Dark Age of Camelot. But this is empty like hell.

Hope we got something big here in CROWFALL and start a new "King of PvP"

Cya out there !

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Im from Chicago....  Ive been around since 2017 within the Crowfall community popping in and out over the years.. My experience has been from Ultima Online as Lord Simpleton, Entropia Universe which I ran a sub Guild of the NBK legion, I also ran a Guild in Roma Victor for few years which I was known as zeph in the Trinovantes. Ive beta tested 100s of games in my life time which takes me from one thrill or experience to another.. Im liked by some, and hated by others.  Im that guy that is always looking for ways to Gank players for loot. Nobody likes being Ganked and Ive been there before, and Ive lost stuff myself... I have not decided if I wanted to get a guild going yet due to real life, however Im open to joining a guild, but in no rush. I wanted to take some time to see in which direction this game goes, and see what options lay ahead..I was thinking, and messing around with some in game mechanics seeing if I can solo Gank without any Guild commitments. Im always open to helping people in games because I believe its the community base of players that make a game great... So if you see me in game dont be afraid to say Hi, even if Ive taken your stuff.. lol

  Ive been really looking forward to launch and its finally here few hours away... We finally made it ;) Lets have fun!!


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I've been playing MMOs since Ultima Online.  I've been pretty bored for several years now being that most MMOs are PvE centric and if there is PvP it is instanced arena.  Open world PvP is the only thing that I care for.  I'm hyped for Crowfall live having been a backer since the beginning.  See you on the fields of murder!


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Hi, I'm from New Zealand!

My fondest memories of MMO's come from Mortal Online and EVE online, I prefer the more hardcore sandbox MMO's over the themepark stuff, so I'm excited to get into a guild in Crowfall and get into some large PvP battles and sieges.

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Hey all! How are you all doing? Looking forward to play a new mmorpg with all you! I have some story with mmorpgs, starting on the father of all (IMO) Ultima Online, then Lineage II, WoW, GW II, and some others. 

As you guys can see I am not that young anymore, that said, I probably won’t have as much time as I want to play, but I’m hyped to try out some classes and races! 

Hope to see you all out there! 

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