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Crowfall Tips and Tricks!


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Veteran players what are some tips and tricks you wish you knew when starting the game?  Share your tips below. 

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Join a guild ASAP.

You need to import purchases from the lobby to use them. Things like mounts and badges. They will be in your vault once you do that.

If you have VIP you can skip the tutorial and level right to 25. There is an interactable pedestal in Earth Temple that lets you do this. If you don't have VIP you can do this for gold.  



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7 hours ago, solairre said:

I agree with Yoink , join a good guild ASAP also the tutorial quests are not so bad to learn more about gamemechanics in crowfall .

My advice is that you should just skip the "tutorial," especially if you've played any other MMORPG before. It doesn't actually teach you anything about the game unless this is literally your first MMO (god help you if so), and is in no shape or form indicative of how the game is actually played on top of being incredibly boring and drawn out.

If you do decide to use the tutorial, just remember that the real game is literally nothing at all like what you're experiencing, for better or worse.

4 hours ago, BorodaDada said:

Yes, the best you can do at the start is to join a guild. Guildless life is super hard in Crowfall. Life with a guild is fun and exciting.

I'll add on that the best advice is in fact the one everyone is echoing. Join a guild ASAP, any guild, doesn't matter, especially if you're a new player. It's also other players that will actually teach you how to play the game and help you get ready for whatever it is you want to do.

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If you join a guild through the in game guild UI, search out that guilds recruitment post on the forums and join their discord. If your lucky they'll have info provided in their guild description. You're only getting the benefits of being in a guild if you actually interact with them.

The level experience bar eats any excess exp when you level up. If you're doing quests and just shy of leveling up, grind mobs for a moment or you'll loose out on a good chunk of the reward xp. This is also EXTREMELY relevant when sacrificing things to level up.

The secret killer in this game is actually bank space. I know it seems like alot of room initially, but if you decide to go down any route of crafting you'll find yourself having to organize and specialize fast. 

Dont trust everything you find online in terms of guides, always check the release date and relevant patch number. Stuff changes on a dime so it's easy to find bad information. 


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Don't just go vendoring unwanted items unless you have an immediate need for gold. You may find those seemingly useless items are better spent as sacrifices to speed up XP gain on crafted vessels, and there is no guarantee someone is selling the items you want. The last thing you want to do is have a useless pile of gold lying around while grinding out more mobs than you need to.

Remember, currency in crowfall is a means, not an end, and its value to you can fluctuate drastically based upon market forces in a market with relatively few actors or your particular needs for vendor items.

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Download the test client. Try your crafting profession. It will be easier for you when the game launch. Also read Altybear craftng guide. Last but not less important go to the Winterblades page and check the resources database.


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For new players comming in, this would be the do's and do nots, that I would tell them.

1. Do be the greatest pansy you can possibly be. Currently in this game guilds can be 500 members large, with five guild alliances to 2500 people. A dregs map has seven zones and as of a recent update, handles 250 people per zone (not counting the three starter areas which are pvp free, and the free city which is in the same category). One large alliance can own a dregs campaign if it so chose, especially considering the pay to win aspect of alt account warfare. Do aspire to be the greatest pansy you can possibly be by making back door alliances with anyone that can compete with you in the slightest manner, as seen on the last u.s. east dregs server, where winterblades alliance, lod alliance, and another alliance all totalling well over 5k members, all banded together for a mega alliance to leave each other alone, and have a three way tag team on everyone else, on a dregs map that cannot handle a third of that total membership were they all attempting to be on at once. For contact information on how to speak to a leader in the pansy brigade, speak to jah from winterblades, or any of their leadership. They are an inspiration to all that are like them.

2. Do pay to win. As mentioned previously alt-account warfare plays a major role in this game. It is currently the only pay to win mechanic this game has to offer, and it is heavily abused. Take for example the u.s. east server as mentioned above. 3 major alliances banded together to own the map. They were able to do all the farming they wanted, gold gathering and more, though many of their members complained of no pvp, they actively chose to stay in that guild. However, their members with multiple accounts made second guilds, and more and more guilds totalling about 10 people, and they would actively take outposts from their own parent guilds for points, for rewards on conquest. Needless to say I know with certainty one of the pansy guilds got major rewards from multiple categories that if a value of in game gold was given, would be worth tens of millions. From speaking to a friend in lod, their five guild alliance had received roughly 45 rewards at the 40% bracket value and above alone. This was all done with alt accounts on their server, and going on all the other dregs servers up at the same time to collect. 

3. This leads me to a DO NOT. Do not try to do this game solo or in a small guild if you are just starting. Small guilds trying to get some rewards by doing exactly as the zerg guilds had done, had every reward taken from them. Five to ten man guilds were having alt accounts of one man guilds trying to receive rewards from the bottom, or worst category, just to try to get something in the face of the zergs they were facing. This angered the development team, and they made certain none of these guilds received rewards in any manner. Comming into the game now the power gap between you wearing and having trash, as well the steep uphill challenge of getting anything, is so severe that you, just like the 2/3 of the game that have started since the launch, will leave this game due to how the development team has handled themselves and the situations (some of these persisting for years during beta).

4. Do NOT pick on ace-tiggs. The development team is refusing to deal with the situations, and have angered most of their playerbase except the zergers they rewarded excessively. This leaves tiggs to try to pick up the mess they are leaving behind, which in general at the moment is editing player posts so crowfall and its development team do not look so bad. Please have pity on tiggs, this should never have been part of her job requirement.

5. Do not come to this game thinking you matter. Sure you may come in, get a few kills before a zerg is formed to hunt you down and kill you easily without any form of you being able to fight back. This will be the next few hours of your life going map to map because the zergs will know exactly where you are by reports (usually portal camping which is popular via stealthers etc, and fight you in means of again, that you cannot fight back, until you guys give up for the day or a few hours. You do not matter. Joining a zerg and being yet another body on the pile is the only thing you can hope for in this game.

6. Do not trust the advertising of the development team. This is not a competative pvp game, this is a game of cheesing / cheating to get ahead, and winning by sheer force of size / being a pansy as stated above. If you are per say, six people as our guild currently is (down from 33 after heavy recruiting due to all the people that left this game) and are trying to have one account for a crafting account, expect to grind for at least 1 month heavy on runes, and at least 2 more months (while having gathered gold) of doing nothing but gold farming to get your crafting account nearly set up. Per our guild we do about 95% of the grind for harvesting and golding, and about 5% pvp. We have been doing this since launch and we have all of our belts but one still to get to legendary. Then we have to make the rings / jewelllry. Then we will have to do yet more pve for all the books we do not yet have like the treated steel and leather to make good quality things. If you think that is nasty, do not worry. The grind is still fairly constant from the point you finally have the crafter account set up, your harvesters set up legendary / legendary, the pve grind of group and raid bosses done to be able to have your harvesters and crafters in appropriate gear, that after many months, you can start playing the game. Minus still having to grind because your gear is breaking much faster than zerg guilds because you are small and zerged down. The grind is made worse as good mats are only gotten on dregs now, and not faction v faction which was lied about being the core of their game. Pve accounts for most of everything you will do on this game, it is not a pvp game. It has pvp elements only.

This would be my new player do's and don'ts to anyone looking at playing this game.


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  • Your mount takes durability hits even if you stand still. So if you're standing at the bank while mounted, it can take durability hits. Doesn't really matter much but it's something to keep in mind if you need to take a break and AFK for a bit.
    • Fighting, casting abilities/spells also make your equipment take durability hits. So you goofing around and throwing tornadoes at the Sun Temple bank? You're wearing out your gear.
  • If you die, recalling back to a hero statues gives you a bigger durability loss than if you flew back there.
  • You don't need to be bound to a respawn outpost to use it - as long as your guild/alliance owns it, you can use it. All "binding to statue" does is give you a home to port back to.
  • Numlock by default is auto-run, and you can pull up the map while doing so. But you go slower whenever you do it, so don't bring up the map if you're being chased.
  • Center-mouse click by default brings up the "mouse-over UI" without needing to open up a specific window (talent tree, quests, etc).
    • There's an option in the settings that clears the UI's windows upon closing it (ie- hitting Esc), and honestly this should be defaulted to "on." The last thing you want is fat fingering a button during combat and there's 3-4 windows blocking your screen.
  • You might encounter a bug every once in a while where you don't load player names or guild crest information. To quickly fix this, go into your video settings and change to the lowest resolution, then bring it back to what you had before.
  • Particle (effects (ie- spell animations) have further sight distance than character models (or other information like guild crest, health bars, name, etc). Meaning if you're clearing mobs in an open field, someone running by while mounted can see you before you ever see them. Keep that in mind - you're exposed if your actions create particle effects.
  • There is always a need for gold. There's a lot of gold sinks in the game (ie- upgrading discs); experience eventually is hard capped (either through your vessel limit or if/when you hit level 35), gold sinks become exponential depending on how deep into things you want to get. Keep that in mind when getting rid of your inventory loot/junk (don't just blindly sacrifice everything).
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  • 3 weeks later...

A cottage (house) is not the first step to personal storage on your own EK.

Crafting Decks allow a chest spot. Takes up One Small Building token and can be placed on the parcel with the respawn Statue.

Crafting Decks are inexpensive and easy to make compared to a cottage.

Comparison in mat costs from the vendor.

Cottage = 180k gold

Crafting Deck + Chest = 8k gold

Suggestion, have a quest to craft a crafting deck + chest in the EK for new players to make and have.

During a Siege you can place Trebs inside your Keep.

Report bugs often you'll be surprised how fast they get fixed.

Reach out to support when needed your problem will be answered/resolved in a quick like manner.

Dont be Shy, you may want to but you will regret it. Crowfall shines unlike any other game when you socialize and do things with others. /emote list

There is no "Meta" there are things that may be broken, but with the right amount of theorycrafting you can find a way to counter the broken. As of Right now Confessor, so run a major that gives Joven + minor that gives Indulgence and you'll be surprised.

Dont fall into a Cookie Cutter build, it may work but it's not the be all end all for that class/spec. Use Crowcaine.com to theorycraft.

Winterblades Crafting Combinations - material combinations + effects

Crowfall Crafting Calculator - amount of materials needed and steps in how to craft each item.

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Buying/selling things

The design for player-to-player trade is avoiding putting things up on a faceless auction house, and want people to go out and interact with each other for trades, whether through advertising their shop, or initiating player-to-player trades. For stuff which you don't want to just vendor (or sacrifice for XP) and are worth more than that so you do player-to-player trades or buy/sell at player-run markets and shops. You can browse in-game markets, or you can rely on the discords, including the official one, where you can see shop ads, and search buy/sell orders and trade/shop accordingly. The devs have even put out a Discord to facilitate it, tied to your in-game account.


For buying, you can do a wider search, you can use the community discord: https://discord.gg/Y2naYdAzA7, and use the search ability, or look at the WTS (Willing To Sell) trade channels

You can also use the new official discord, which has trade channels set up as well: https://discord.gg/Yp2Zcz7tvU (you will need to link your Discord to your game account though. Go to https://crowfall.com/account/discord-management to link your account. Once that is done, come back to discord and set yourself away and back online. You'll then see all the channels.

You can also browse vendors through the Discords. This will save a lot of time compared to just browsing random markets in-game, by using a directory rather than walking and checking things.


For selling, you can do price checks and finding buyers through Discord(s). Want to do a price check on something you find? The value of something depends on a lot of factors, but generally, check the WTB (Willing-To-Buy) channels to see what people have in demand, and reach out through direct messages for a sale. Ethereal dust (you cannot put these to sell on a vendor) as of writing was worth about 12g per dust, and is considered another core and liquidly tradable commodity. You can put up a WTS message in the appropriate trade chat channels as well.

You can also set up a player shop. You can set up a shop in an EK, and advertise it in the EK vendor channels in the community and official discords. It's more of a process, you need to advertise in the trade channels if you want foot traffic, costs a bit of gold to set up and it has a maintenance cost, but it is a good way to sell items to a wide audience.

Guild and alliance trading

There are also entire economies within guilds and alliances as well, communicated through their respective channels (usually Discord).

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Ask someone for enough disciplines for your harvesting to skip until purple, as harvesting without advanced tools is cancer. Most good guilds will hand you 9 green disciplines when you start to help you skip this stage, making you much less likely to rage quit.

For harvesting, make either an assassin or guinea, max dex and put at least 112 points into intelligence. Dexterity gives harvest crit chance, and int gives harvest crit amount. These two characters also have good escapes making it very difficult to ever be ganked while harvesting.

Beg your guild for advanced tools and harvesting necklaces because without them, harvesting higher tier nodes is an exercise in frustration.

Buy disciplines to get you to blue discipline and blue belt, before you start using any materials to grind more for yourself, as this will save you a ton of time, and high level crafters have excess disciplines quite often they're willing to sell for fairly cheap. Without blue/blue you're likely using 2-3 times the materials, making the process incredibly tedious and frustrating.

Do all of your crafting in Aerynth Traders Eternal Kingdom, you get huge buffs to your skill (even if they're not easily identified in your hud).

Don't bother crafting anything good until you're maxxed out crafting, as you're basically just wasting materials unless you're min/maxxed.

For high level crafting, you want either a high elf knight with maxxed out strength, and the rest into int (for woodworking/blacksmithing), or guinea duelist with maxxed dex and the rest into int (for the rest of the crafting skills). Ignore all of the racial crafting skills, they're basically useless once you get to a certain point. You want these two races so you can run an extra piece of jewelry, necessary for min/maxxing crafting.

High end crafting revolves around creating a 'master copy', a weapon with a lot of resources put into it, such as a hunger shard/full polishing etc... and then using that in the factory to craft copies using a fraction of the resources. Once you've got high end crafting you very rarely want to use an original.

Test all abilities on the test server because a huge amount of skills have effects not listed on the tooltips, which drastically change their possibilities. Test builds on test server before you use them.

If you're not willing to pay for VIP, probably don't bother playing at all, particularly if you ever want to respec, as the cost is frankly ridiculous unless you're a veteran player with a lot of experience/correct builds etc..

If you're looking to PvP, ask your guild for crafted weapons/armor, as running around in wartribe gear is going to reduce your chances of winning fights by a huge amount. The difference in damage between mid-tier wartribe and fully min/maxxed gear is around double damage for some classes, which is going to decide many fights before it's even begun. Losing a fight with no idea why simply because the enemy outgears you so hard will likely make you rage, question yourself etc.. and so you want to be at least somewhat close to a fair fight.

Ask your guild for advice on builds, they've likely tested things extensively and have found out all the hidden abilities/effects/scaling, and know what works and what doesn't.

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