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a) What translation needs to change?
b) Why does it need to be changed?
c) What do you believe should it be changed to?

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a) Immeubles


(i take the screenshot of@royo )

b) "Immeubles" refers more to large buildings such as very tall buildings with dozens of floors while "Bâtiments" is a more general term for structures and not necessarily tall buildings, it includes houses, etc...

c) Bâtiments

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Text spilling in the popup in the Red section and also in the grey section right under.
No need to change de text, just the font size.

In the text aside the "Tir rapide" in that same popup, there is code variables seen "#max_damage_1". I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be switched at run time by the right values. Probably and issue where the translation file came back with changes around the formatting of those variable in the text.
This same issue can be found in a lot of stats description text, seen it in the "Surtension double" description also.


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Spilling text.
No need to change, just adjust font size.


If it gets to small here's a suggestion to test. Only a couple characters less, so not sure it will fit.

a) Combat Rapproché
b) Spills out of the area
c) Corps à Corps

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