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Legend for Bug Report Feedback

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Hey Crows, 

We'll be rolling out a new way to provide you with feedback on bugs that are reported on the forums. When you post a bug report to the forums, as our QA department reviews, they'll mark your post with one of the following icons: 

New Bug Reported


New bug reported


Duplicate Bug Report

Duplicate / Bug already reported 


Need More Information

Needs more information - or needs reproducible steps



Not a bug, post to feedback thread

As designed: post your constructive feedback to our feedback forum



Please note:  If you're providing additional information on a bug post that already has an icon showing it was reviewed, please quote your old post and add the new information to a new post. Once a bug post is marked with an icon, it's already been reviewed and we do not backtrack.  

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  • 1 month later...

I've had the load screen all the sudden pop up and wherever I am where that happens, that's where my recall takes me. It has Happened once today and a couple other times in the past week. Also I get the ace bug report every single time I leave the game. 

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On 9/28/2021 at 4:00 PM, Naani said:

Guild Alliance is counting for total members in a guild from website not just the 1 individual in Dregs


Pretty sure it was put out some where, that those who log into Dregs will count towards the alliance total of 500. Instead when I looked said Conflict (My guild) plus all the others the total numbers over all and not just those in dregs. 

Thought it was supposed to be a thing for 7.2 maybe it's supposed to be for 7.3?

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On 9/27/2021 at 5:34 PM, Naani said:

Party Members sometimes get kicked from Party when zoning into a new area.

This also happens on Live when you zone from map to map ex. Calyn to Poly) 1 member would be kicked from the party and would need a reinvite. Takes multiple times zoning for it to happen.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Additional options on the new chat feature don't seem to take effect on any of the tabs, the default General or Custom ones.

i.e. toggling Time Stamps, Profanity Filter, and Hide Tab does none of these things.


Also is it intentional that the default tab can't have channel removed from the filters, even while they are active in another tab?
If not it would make sense that we can either completely hide certain channels, or be able to clear them from General so that the first active tab on the chat can actually be the most useful (customized to our needs) instead of the most flooded.  This would allow us to push any unwanted chat spam to a tab further to the right effectively hiding it out if not allowed to hide channels all together.


EDIT: SERIOUSLY I cannot stress enough how having the default active chat tab be a complete dump for every channel seems an awful idea and will likely frustrate a lot of people almost as much as the current live system.

Edited by mushufasa
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