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Helping out with the Knowledge base

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If you'd like to contribute a FAQ to our knowledge base, please reply with the following format and we'll give you credit for the FAQ.   Please list each submission separately. 



Pictures (limit of 3) 


If you see something that is incorrect in the knowledgebase please provide a link and the correct information. 

Thank you in advance. 

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It's a bit weird to see Hunger Dome FAQ being the first thing under "Getting Started". Hunger Dome is not an available game mode that allows new players to experience combat quickly as it was initially envisioned (according to Q&A)




However, once a Discipline is equipped, the process of removing it will destroy it. Keep that in mind when deciding what Discipline you want on your vessel.

That should be wrong now with soulbinding in place. Disciplines become soulbound when equipping, allowing you to unequip them but not trade them anymore.





Our intent is for the support classes to have key buffs, debuffs, and powers at a cost of damage or defensive capability. That isn't to say there won't be healing. There will be options with Classes and Disciplines to pick up healing powers. We just don’t want to make the traditional firehose-style healer that most "trinity" combat systems use.


Like most attacks in Crowfall, healing requires the caster to aim and properly land heals. There are a variety of different methods of healing targeting such as reticle targeting, projectiles, ground targeting, and area of effect.


Bit misleading imo - we have lots of straightforward healers that you can build for buffing/debuffing as well but healing is their main purpose.
Healing targeting is also a bit misleading, as it's now a mix of both - targeted heals and "just cast and everyone in 50m radius gets it" heals.



Typo - specitic => specific




Yes! Currently the maximum level for a vessel is 30.

For poor vessels it's 30, yes. But the maximum for "a vessel" is 35.




They provide players with a method of moving more quickly around the game and sometimes give them the ability to transport more items.

That sounds new, mounts have not been used to transport items so far, only players.




You can find mount figurines at vendors, on downed monsters, or create them through crafting.

Technically not on downed monsters. You can find the recipe for crafting a mount on downed monsters, not the figurine (unless this changed in 6.54).

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I have tried for 48 hours now to log in and play , always CTD at feeding crows and loading into game. Have yet to play.. I send out for support and all I get is close to a fix..  48 hours after launch I still cant get in and it is not on my end. 

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Quality of life changes for Chests would be : 

1 : Make it possible to RIGHT click and things auto stack
2 : Make it so people can deposit things but not rectrieve things.

3 : Make it so you can limit depositing to a certain type and quality of item (ore, wood) to a chest.

You can do this by tjek boxes that can be turned on and off on each chest.

Huginn ok Muninn, fljúga hverjan dag, Jörmungrund yfir; óumk ek of Hugin,, at hann aftr né komi-t, þó sjámk meir of Munin

Gathering of Ranger videos

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This is a suggestion/ request, when you choose the archer class in ranger only one of the new abilities applies to archer(rapid shot increase), the trap and sweep are useless because a good archer never goes into the melee tray, please change these to benefit the range tray and leave trap stuff to the warden.

Other-impressed by the changes-fun to play again-Thanks.

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