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Lords of the Dead [LotD]


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LotD has officially opened recruiting with LIVE launch happening July 06, 2021.

If you are looking for a guild with a history of success in siege PvP then you are at the right place. Join us in Discord (https://discord.gg/TBWgMnK) or message me (Piikaa or Pkaoo) or PaleOne for more info.

Lords of the Dead Guild History

Discord channel for Crowfall

Guilded channel for Crowfall  Application for LotD's Guilded Channel

Piikaa  |  Pkaoo


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Lotd is recruiting--

Pre Alpha / Alpha/ Beta Veterans

Strong alliances- no drama or hogwash-  Hardcore PVP Siege Gamers since 1995

www.lotd.org       pking and siege pvp since 1995

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LotD is a great group to play with. The guild has a good mix of long-time, reliable members and newer players that join for a single game and like the atmosphere enough to stay.

We have a good core group of people really enjoying Crowfall and would love to add high quality new members.

Hit us up if you're looking for a new home in Crowfall!

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