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PRX [NA] is looking for a few more good players


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[PRX]The Professionals.....since 1999 


Online gaming's most accomplished player vs player combat team - 21 Years strong. Formed in August of 1999, [PRX] The Professionals is the most accomplished PvP combat team in online gaming history. No guild has earned more player versus player kills, castles, victories, points... you name it... than we have

Our hallmarks are professionalism, consistency of victory, experience, longevity and character.

Crowfall is a different beast; it’s a rare breed where you will be killed, looted and frustrations are possible on a regular basis.  A WoW-PvE raiding guild is not what you should be seeking.  You need to find a guild that has a history of success in these hardcore, full-loot, PvP-centric games and has the fortitude for this environment..  Early UO, AC:Darktide, Shadowbane, etc. were all hardcore of this nature and we played and succeeded in them all.  You need veterans by your side that can survive and thrive in a hardcore PvP environment and [PRX] fits the bill.

At this time we are recruiting for Crowfall. Apply by using this link:



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