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The UnDeAd Legion


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Across the necropolis not even a breeze dared caress the aged tombstones. No sounds or movement had been or seen in many a moon. Only memory of death and carnage persisted here as if it permeated the very earth and air with a melancholy demeanor.

Ever so slowly a sound could be heard. Heavy feet and raspy breath came from beyond the necropolis gates. An Aged Orc Slowly Approached. Cane in hand where once an axe was wielded. He hobbled unsteadily yet unafraid through the central gates. It seemed he gained strength with every step. By time he strode passed the first ranks of graves haphazardly placed inside the gates he had dropped his cane as if it was forgotten he even needed it. As he passed the first ranks of Sarcophagus his speed picked up as if in anticipation. The breath no longer a struggle he finally approached the central tomb. His voice full of life deep and strong “Rise Lord Marshal of the UnDeAd Armies, Breaker of plans, Duke of Death, Decaying General!” I call on you to awaken we have more battles to wage more doom to be dealt. Old enemies to devour “he chuckled in a deeply uneasy way as he said the last.” As the chuckles echoed a dry rustling could be heard from inside the tomb. A dim greenish glow appeared and seemed to brighten slowly. With a voice like the rustling of autumn leaves quiet as death itself a figure emerged. Weaponsx you aged orc ... What is it you are babbling about … disturbing my rest.

Dolmar another land awaits us to conquer more war and bloodshed you can’t sleep through this one! It is a land of milk and honey RIPE for our brand of terror! Said, the ancient orc.

Dolmar eyes glowed even darker and the darkness seemed to grow solid around him for a moment.

Weps old friend, your form has grown too old to continue the fight. The Tenth legion is battered and its ranks filled with fights to long in these worlds. My own soldiers sleep endlessly and in their dreams even I find it hard to wake them for battles. Both of our numbers have grown thin for such a foray.

Weaponsx grimaced at the words and his back stiffened as if insulted.

It is with a heavy heart that I admit the rank and file of the tenth has dwindled over the years. We lost many a good solider in the years since the last campaign. Though I feel this new land is rich with plunder, cities to destroy, clans to enslave, worlds to wreak havoc upon. That is why I am here old friend. I want you to dust off, Weaponsx chuckles out loud, the undead army, rise them from their graves and together we shall once again raise the banners of The Tenth and The Undead Army and watch this new world quake at the thought of our boots touching its soil.

The vacant eyes stare deep into the soul of his old friend, Weps my friend, many a soul my warriors and I have taken, feasted upon those souls. With the Tenth by our sides we claimed even more, but I as well have to admit that our numbers have fallen through the years. Many a soul has been taken and not returned. Maybe we have slept too long, maybe it is time for the world to remember what it was like when my warriors walked the lands above ground.


That is EXACTLY what I am talking about Dolmar, one more campaign, once more ride into battle, I shall go now and call my general Gracen to raise the banners and then we…

ENOUGH…shouts the ancient one. You as well as I know that our numbers alone are not enough to make but a small town quake, this is a fool’s errand.

Maybe, for once, you are correct, Weaponsx says with a sly grin, maybe it is time to put up our boots and live the life of the farmer.

There is a way though old friend, said Dolmar through an icy grin, there is a way for your men to feel rejuvenated, to feel the strength of the young orks again, to feel the passion they once had.

Oh, said Weaponsx, what miracle drug have you been hiding all these years ancient one?

It is simple my friend, separate we are formidable, together, united we are UNSTOPABLE!!!!

What exactly are you suggesting?

Why it is simple Weaponsx, you will all have to die…

WHAT, weapons hand instinctively feeling the pommel of his sword.

HAHA old friend, old friend, old friend, Dolmar says, shaking his head.

I mean you will all have to die and be re-born into the undead, once there we will combine our forces and not be the undead army or the tenth, but we shall be a NEW force to be reckoned with we shall be The Undead Legion. We shall go forth as one clan where there was two. We shall show these new lands that it was one thing to fear us independently, but now they will run in terror at the thought of us as one. What do you say, shall we give this world one more glance into the face of death, will we make wives widows and children fatherless, shall we ride with the wind at our backs and the enemies’ upon our blades.

Weaponsx looks long and hard at the ground thinking, his knees feel the weight of his choice, his bones groan in silence as he thinks. He looks up at the cold soulless eyes of his longest friend and ally and says with a devilish grin that would even make the demons inside the general’s chambers feel uncomfortable…

When do we begin?




The UnDeAd Legion is opening its recruitment.






Edited by dolmar
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I can’t with good conscience support this guild anymore. Some great people in it, but many are extremely racist, sexist, and bigoted. Reader beware - this may not be the place for you. 

Edited by Kaldae
I left this guild after experiencing harassment and doxxing by members. They proudly use racist language and are self-proclaimed trolls.
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