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Quickbuild - Small Scale Chad Alpha Warrior


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Hey Crows! With the new class forums, I figured it would be good ahead of launch to get some quick builds out into the wild so that new players have some guidance to go off of for launch. The build title contains a crowcaine link for quick access/book marking.

The crowcaine link also contains notes on gear, playstyle, and other stuff. Click it.

Giga Chad Alpha Warrior


Build Notes

This build takes the default path to Alpha Warrior, grabbing all of the critical nodes and takes Battle for Paragon + Demolisher for self sustain and a nice group buff for your team. This build is pretty good and has everything you need to dive into groups and stay alive while clapping cheeks. It also serves as a good template for experimentation - there are a metric ton of Alpha builds out there you can run that get greedier than this, safer than this, or take slightly different talents.

For new Alpha Warriors, the required talents are:
This gives you all of your main damage abilities, fast counter attack for more retaliates, and dominant smashing for dominance pips. There are a ton of ways to go from here. Experiment, and post your own builds in the comments or in your own threads here.

How To Play This Build

You hurlbat a target, leap into a fight (ideally onto armor broken targets from some other setup class), press stomp > rend > backhand (or look for another hard CC confirm from your allies) and then use neckbreaker. You can also just leap in and neckbreaker, but optimizing your damage is important.

This build is about going in and hitting multiple people really hard. Benefits from coordination and good timing. High quality alpha players are more than just a one trick player though, so learning how to get effective use out of your whole kit is critical to not just dying/being useless after your press your neckbreaker.

Common damage rotations are:
Hurlbat > Stomp + Rend > Massive Cleave

Mix in neckbreakers whenever you have a good opportunity to hit them on valuable targets. Make sure that when you press that button you don't miss. Try to never cast that spell twice in a row as it is your source of defensive mitigations and your damage - use it to bait out defensive from the enemy and then capitalize on them afterward with your next neck breaker. If you are going to kill someone with the second neckbreaker it can be worth it, just remember it is both your best offensive and defensive button in your kit.

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Only leveling right now, and oh boy is the 2h hitting hard!

Thank you for the leveling version too. If all guides could do that it would be pretty convenient!

Camaraderie ~ Loyalty ~ Honor ~ Maturity ~ Integrity ~ Duty

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