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Quickbuild - Free Action and Debuff Platform Barbarian


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Hey Crows! Here's a quick build for aspiring Barbarian players coming into the game on launch. This build is designed to run in, CC the hell out of the enemy, and buff your team with Free Action. It also brings Frighten - an excellent cone healing and Damage debuff for your team. Barbarian has some of the most build flexibility in the game, so use this template as a starting point and change things up to suit your playstyle.

Free Action and Debuff Platform Barb



Build Notes

This class is insanely easy to play at all scales. Run at the enemy, CC as many of them as possible, and buff your team with free action as often as possible. You will do a decent amount of damage as well, but keep the CC flowing liberally and the debuffs out and you'll create some advantage for your team. Best paired with a DPS that can capitalize on all of the CC you are throwing out.


This is probably the most fun class in the game - go play it.

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Try changing "Intimidator" with "Escape Artist" for better mobility and sruv. Intimidator only works well for the Rage buff but with 3 ultimate you generate enough Rage to use all your abilities.

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