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Conflict Gaming Recruitment


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Welcome to Conflict Gaming!

Conflict Gaming is a Multi Sandbox MMORPG Guild we have multiple chapter's Albion, New World, and most importantly Crowfall. Our main goal is to become a ZvZ guild with a huge influence on the player market.

With the Release of Crowfall, Conflict will be back in full swing so come and join us as we march to conquer the Hunger!

We are in need of:

Guardsmen (Officer Rank: They are responsible for creating and maintaining the more combat oriented events like Siege's, Fort's, Outposts etc.)

Tradesmen (Officer Rank: They are responsible for creating and maintaining the Guilds Stock of supplies', making trades that benefit the guild, crafting and gathering events like mother loading, the use of crafting thrall's etc.)

Peons (Those who are a bit casual and still learning)
Discord is a requirement

Join here: https://discord.gg/33Ebz9aX

Naani#7234 if you would like to DM me.

Blast from the Past 


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