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Spectre Legion - PvP


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Do you have the grit to play on whichever faction has the least amount of players.

Are you a hardened soul looking for a skill based PvP guild.

Do you have an unyielding passion for going against the grain.

Are you tried of being a number in the enfeebled zerg of ignorance.

Do you find yourself fighting your inner masochist. Well my friend look no further.

Are you a Templar , Confessor , Cleric ? Then we want you!


Spectre Legion is recruiting.  Also accepting NEWBIES

New Players : We will guide you and teach you the ropes of PvP. 

Class Preferences Templar, Confessor , Cleric, Frostguards

Rest of the classes are welcome but the big 4 fit into our style better but we'll make it work.

Clan Size : Small  (Hardcore)  /  Casuals Welcome .  Most of us have been together for 12 years+

Status: Active

Region : NA 


Requirements :


Thick Skinned (You will need this in Comms and for PvP)

PvP mindset if you can't PvP well we will help you (See above line)

Contact:  MrErad or Audin for more info

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