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 Are you a grizzled gaming vet who has played pretty much every game tagged with PvP/SandBox/EarlyAccess? (And hate yourself for it)

Do you despise things like whiny self-absorbed guild leaders who scream at people in voice chat and demand that you sacrifice IRL obligations for a game?

Are you OK with joining a guild that has primarily increased its member-base through breeding over the last decade?


Maybe Absolution is the right guild for you!


We are a well organized guild from Darkfall that thrived on planning, diplomacy, and a unique "council" style of leadership (on top of not being unpleasant person bags).  Most of us pre-bought Crowfall like 15 years ago, so we are going to be playing at release, and are open to new recruits.  Check us out below to see if you'd be a fit for us.

Discord: https://discord.gg/mz94gKwVrH

Darkfall Videos:


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On 7/4/2021 at 11:31 AM, Slayus said:

If I wasn't trying to create a guild myself... I'd join you guys in a heartbeat. You sound like a great group of "person bags" 😅 Hope to see you on the battlefield and maybe we can even work out an alliance at some point. Good luck to you.

Oh we're definitely a group of persons. Hope to see you around.


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Absolution finished in the top 20% for NA East Dregs, Top 40% for AUS, and Top 60% for the others, as well as scoring some Divine Favor rewards.

Our focus right now is small group content, assisting allies with larger events, and getting our crafters progressed.


We are recruiting MATURE individuals.

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