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[NA] - Hax - Recruiting!


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Hax is all about organized PVP, focused leadership, strong econ, teamwork and having a good time. We take pride in being the first guild to charge into battle, outnumbered or not. We fight with a passion that has grown through many years of PVP/MMO experience. We constantly push our players and our team to be better through constructive feedback and fight recaps.

This guild was created to build a community where people share, do what's best for the guild and where everyone is focused on the guild's success.

We are looking for active players interested in making a large-scale META PVP group with a team of supporting crafters and gatherers. We will accept new players ONLY on a case-by-case basis. Our trial period for recruits may take up to 30 days. During this time we ask that you are as active as you can be so we can see if you'll be a good fit for the guild.

PVP Players- Currently, sieges are 8:30pm EST-12:30 PM EST. The day of the week and time will depend on the location(s) we own.  All non-healer mains will be required to have a healer alt and switch as needed. Mic and Headset are required.

Gatherers- All Gatherers Welcome!

Crafters - We are currently not recruiting people only interested in crafting.

Serious players looking for this type of guild should apply, regardless of our current needs.

Message: Bzra in-game, Bzra#4951 on discord or here on the forums for more info or  to set up an interview.
Apply: Crowfall.com/guild and search for Hax. - I will message you on the forums to setup an interview.




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Just started playing again after I backed the game during alpha years ago. I managed to level a Paladin/Arbiter/Warden to 30 but no clue to the PvP system in this game but love PvP MMOs, just need a bit of help learning this one. I've always enjoyed playing melee healers so hope I picked the right 2 classes! 


I'm in PST but I have a flexible play schedule so hope I can be part of an active guild in this game.

In-Game Name: Siifu

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I've been playing with Hax for a few months now and I'm having a great time! Feel free to message me if you want more info. :) IGN: Akikana

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Hey Buddy,

I know you from your videos - thumbs up

Son and I have kick starter accounts........played from 3.0 to 7.3

Everything sucks now 

With W for first 15 months or so then about 5 of us moved over to uXa  - still love them - just not playing anything we enjoy right now.

I think about what guilds to hook up with........Son said Hax.....I agreed.

Got room for 2 more old vets?

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