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[NA] [RVRS] Reavers Gotta Reave.


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What makes a Reaver, a Reaver? 

We are a group of gamers composed of seasoned veterans and baby-faced newbs who play cooperative, team-oriented games where success is usually dependent on how well a group works together with one goal. Most of us prefer a PVP-centric playstyle, but recognize the vital role filled by those who prefer PVE and crafter/gatherer playstyles as well. We love to be competitive, but we understand that we won’t win every battle, and accept our lumps along with the lessons learned in earning them. We put Reavers first, we don’t do drama, we don’t talk crap, and we aren’t a democracy. 


What are we looking for in new Reavers?

We don't recruit based on skill level, or years of experience, those things will come with time, we care that you understand and embrace our ethos. 

We want recruits who put the betterment of the Reavers as a whole above themselves. 

Recruits who are capable of following orders when necessary, and making decisions when called upon to lead.

We want recruits who know how to meme and have fun, but can flip that switch and go to work when the situation dictates.

How can you join us?

If you believe you have the Reaver mindset, come visit us on discord


(@ Dakota when you get there) and get to know us.


Other stuff:

We'll be playing on the NA server, most of us are in the Eastern time zone but we do have members from all over North America and some in Europe.

We speak English, are 18+ (im not going to ask, but if it ever gets to the point that I have to ask if you are, I'm going to assume you aren't and that will be that, so, be mature and no one will care)


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On 7/4/2021 at 8:25 AM, Rohdent said:

Must love tacos and beer. I DEMAND it. Must also refer to me as Sugar Papi. *nod, nod* 

Ok Sugar Papi where are my tacos and beer, and a new book!


May not be the largest group out there or the most hardcore but we like to get creative in putting ourselves on the scoreboard and having some fights along the way.

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Shameless plug.

Please read about our daring fight to take Fort Fabia Marx during the last Dregs campaign. Come join our chaotic adventures!


Blood and Battle

Historic Retelling by Kroh, Fantastical Bard of the Reavers

A warm spring breeze wandered lazily over a broken and dying land. A midday sun hung straight above, not unpleasant but not pleasant either. All was quiet, even insects seeming to hold their breath and simply wait. Tension was filling the air, heavy and clinging, a sudden weight one could not simply shake off.

Ten companions stood almost motionless behind a broken formation of rocks and boulders. Even their breaths had fallen to the heavy silence as they waited. Waiting, a pastime the Reavers, for that is what they called themselves, knew all too well. Warriors, all of them, would wait hours, days, weeks, and even months for one glorious moment on the battlefield. And so they did now, biding their time, waiting for that one opportunity to take Fort Fabia Marx. Who they were taking it from, they did not care. Reavers never do. They were there simply to take one moment of glory from the enemy in front of them.

The leader of the clan, Dakotah, peered at nothing in particular as one Elken ear twitched slightly. The group knew he was communicating with their allies and scouts. No one knew exactly how communication over long distances with allies worked, it was simply a gift from the gods and that was enough for the Reavers.

Dakotah glanced at his companions and finally spoke, his voice barely a whisper, “Shoo keeps reporting enemies moving in and out of the fort. Hansso is going to take his group East to try and pull the fort’s defenders away,” a small smirk appeared, barely noticeable, “They’re good at distraction.”

Everyone present simply nodded and settled back into their waiting game. No words were exchanged, no gestures or back slapping. Reavers did not need them. Time passed as it is wont to do and Dakotah relayed that the defenders were starting to depart slowly. An illusion of peace and quiet had settled on the group.

Suddenly Dakotah stood at attention, information obviously being relayed to him before turning to his warriors and bellowing, “Mount up!”

Without question or hesitation, the Reavers all mounted up and immediately followed their leader who was moving off at a full gallop upon his warhorse. The Reavers quickly fell into formation and Dakotah yelled at his second, Rawn, as he pulled abreast, “Scouts possibly spotted us. Chances are good. Shoo says a whole company has left the fort and is moving towards us. Quickly.”

Rawn cursed under his breath, glancing back to see if he could spot their pursuers just yet before responding, “We need to find a place to hide or this mission is over before it started.”

Dakotah nodded in agreement, the grasslands beneath him falling behind quickly as their mounts charged at full speed. They were heading towards the portal gate to the Sun Temple, a 1 last resort if need be.

Despite their efforts, their enemies continued to pursue them as the minutes ticked by and Dakotah cursed their luck, “We might have to make a stand here or lose any chance of the fort,” his voice grim.

Rockazor, a younger warrior of their group and more than a little reckless grinned, “Nah, boss, we’re not losing this fort today. I’ll go have a chat with our new friends, you all keep moving ahead,” and without waiting for a response, Rockazor pulled the reins of his mount sharply before thundering straight towards the oncoming enemies behind them.

The Reavers whooped and yelled for their reckless companion as he rode past as Rockazor took his bow from his back, still riding his steed. As soon as he was in range, arrows began to loose steadily from his bow though he never slowed his mount. He did not fear death, no Reaver did, for Maeve, the sea goddess of war and their chosen god would give them life once more. His arrows spent, Rockazor pulled his short swords from their sheaths, moving to stand atop his galloping mount. His feet were steady, his balance sure. Closer and closer he rode towards his enemies until only a few feet separated them. With a battle cry heard even by his companions, Rockazor launched off his mount and straight into the frontline of hardened, angry warriors.

Dakotah’s face was now set in grim determination. Rockazor had bought them time and they would not waste it. While he would see Rockazor again, it did not take away from his sacrifice. Death was always painful. A new outcropping of boulders appeared ahead and he slowed as he surveyed the formation. Other Reavers moved ahead not requiring orders to know what needed to be done. Kroh, another Elken, called out quietly to their companions. They had found a crevice within the rock, barely visibly behind spring brush. While the opening was tight, inside was large enough to hide them all if not very comfortably. Without complaint, the Reavers squeezed into the small opening and soon found themselves tightly packed. The heat was almost intolerable and the small space soon laid heavy with the scent of sweat and unwashed bodies.

Once again time passed as the waiting game began anew. Vazhi, a guineacean, stayed on the outside to keep look out for any incoming enemies. It soon became apparent Rockazor’s sacrifice had not been in vain and had given them the time they needed to lose their pursuers. Time was running short. Soon the gods would lay claim and protection on the keeps and forts of this broken world, allowing their followers to gain glory and honor in their name. The moment was fast approaching, they could all feel the presence of Maeve creeping ever closer. Dakotah whispered into the heavy darkness, “Shoo reports our enemies have left the fort believing we turned tail and ran,” a few snorts of quiet derision filled the small cave, “and are now concentrating on subduing Cataphract. We move. Now.”

Within moments, the Reavers were outside the cave and once again mounted. With the hour of 2 claim soon approaching, Dakotah wasted no time with subterfuge or stealth. He charged straight for the fort, the Reavers forming up behind him. “Don’t slow down. We go straight into the fort,” Dakotah yelled behind him. In short time, the Reavers charged into the fort, a paltry set of guards their only adversaries. Their deaths were quick.

The Reavers set up their defenses inside the fort and waited for the Reavers were experts in waiting. They knew their enemies would have gotten word of their intrusion from scouts and had no doubt they would soon have their blood and battle. Reavers lived for blood and battle after all. Weapons were drawn, fighting stances were readied. From the North, they could already see their enemies in the distance charging straight for them. Kroh, Vega, and Waam began casting protections, their divine powers a blessing from Maeve. Shoo, who had joined his clan as they invaded the fort, and Smith began to fire arrows at their encroaching enemy, an enemy who visibly outnumbered them. Rawn’s hands began to dance with flame, a flame that could burn or heal depending if they were friend of foe. A quiet fell over the Reavers, a frozen moment in time as the broken world around them held its breath. The bloody storm was coming.

The frontline of their enemies crashed into them, Dakotah and Civil bringing down their heavy blades to slow their charge. Chaos erupted as their adversaries desperately attempted to squash the Reavers before the hour of claim passed. Swords, axes, and hammers met flesh on both sides, fire roared to life around them, and divine magic pulsed outward in a desperate attempt to keep up with broken flesh. The Reavers held, surrounded but outnumbered, they held for precious minutes until finally Rawn was the first to be surrounded and cut down by sword and axe alike. Fire was always too dangerous to keep alive. One by one, the Reavers’ other healers fell to spell, blade, or arrow, each throwing out one last pulsating divine spark to give their companions just one more moment to hold. The Reavers eventually fell, every one of them, death embracing them with familiar arms. For just a moment, the remaining enemies felt a wash of relief, believing they had held the fort. It was this miscalculation that led to their own deaths. With the smell of the sea suddenly heavy in the air, the remaining warriors were thrown violently from the fort, their bodies squeezed and twisted as they went. The hour of claim and come and pass and the Reavers had held on long enough for Maeve’s power to flood the fort. The Reavers had won this day of blood and battle and now all would know not to underestimate a Reaver.



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Special thanks to Kroh for the epic retelling of our first attempt at carving out a piece of Nermara (NA-East Dregs 1st campaign).

As well as to our friends in Cataphract. Couldn't have done it without you guys.

Shout out to the Mithril Warhammers for their last minute defense of the fort, and to the rest of the Death Alliance for sending what looked like their whole army to take it back the next day :D 

May not seem like much to anyone else but to us that meant the world.


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Thanks Gabz!  Been fun allied with ANKI as well!

If you are new, trying out the game for the first time, or been around for a while, Reavers is still recruiting! drop by our discord and say hi!

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