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Blackguard Assassin Build Guide (PvP Gameplay Included)


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Hey everyone. This is an older video but everything is still 100% up to date. I sometimes slightly remix this build but overall this is the build I've been running for the last few months and is what I'll be playing on live.

The video is long but it's very in-depth and explains the nitty gritty details of how and why I do the things I do. Feel free to use these time stamps to skip around.

Overview - 0:00

Race Choices - 1:54

Disciplines - 5:34

Talents - 11:48

Powers - 15:35


PvP Gameplay - 26:01

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I'm confused why you keep calling the class /blak gard/ instead of /blaggerd/.

Official "Bad Person" of Crowfall

"I think 1/3rd of my postcount is telling people that we aren't turning into a PvE / casual / broad audience game." -


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It is kind of outdated since statspool are much better now compare to January 2021. I`ve similar health with 47 Con at lv 30, but still a very good guide for players to get into the game and the Archtype.  

I created an High Elf for fun with max INT and crit dam. and rest in Dex and use the Commander rune (Racial High Elf) for lifesteal with barriers and Bloodletter rune to remove DoTs. 

Character stats: 160 Dex 40 STR 200 INT 14 SPR 47 CON with 10182 health. 

My point about assassins in general you need to go into melee to build your resources and get pip maybe against Classes who are much stronger and deal more damage in melee like some of the warrior classes. Barriers helps a lot though to avoid massive damage and you get a life steal passive from Commander while using barriers - including 1k resist all star a minor Star wars force field with +100 barrier  +3 anti critical strike.

Bloodletter +5 health +500 health with legendary quality: It remove dots and heals, and increase duration of bleeds and damage, but not by a lot so I might consider it a rune bug. Purgative is really nice vs any stealth classes and powers which damage you over time with Dot and give a brief immunity and remove bleeds. 


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Why is there only a video?  Most of the other community submitted guides seem to follow a nice format that's easy to read and not require the person to play a video for what could be a couple simple screen shots and a few lines of text for rotation.

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Blackguard Assassin is definitely an interesting, even if not the most 'optimal per se', class. I'm playing one myself since launch and enjoying it so far. Blackguard is definitely not for those who value large numbers, as it is truly a brawler.

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