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[RFGD] Reforged

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[RFGD] Reforged is a part of the Reforged Gaming community. A fierce group of battle hardened lads from the real world to the interwebs. We shamelessly claim to be home to the largest population of gamers composed of US military vets. Our community extends across a multitude of games, with some of the finest leadership the e-sphere has to offer.

You might be wondering who is welcome:

Everyone is welcome, even if your only skill is throwing your dollars at the devs. If you can play, want to play, are willing to learn to play, or even think you can teach us to play, join us today.

Our Crowfall guild operates on a mercantile system. Guild members may pursue their goals and desires, their time invested into gathering and crafting is entirely their own! Sell your mats, sell your crafts, and play your way. You do not owe anything to the guild and the guild will demand nothing of you, other than participating in campaigns with us. We will organize group functions for PvP, like fighting for forts or keeps. We want to enjoy our Crowfall experience together without feeling like it's all for someone else's success.

Join Reforged. We're not like the other gaming communities 😘.

Find us in discord: https://discord.gg/TeamReforged -- If you have any questions message Alastrom.

TLDR: Here's our totally unique list of qualities that defines our guild in a lovely typewriter style font.

  • Adult atmosphere
  • Semi-Casual activity/expectations
  • Goal Oriented with a Competitive PvP Focus
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Updating guild details.
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How active are you guys on the west coast servers? And uh, is your tucker carlson tagline quote satire or legit?

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Recruitment still open. If you don't know what you're doing in Crowfall, join up and we'll show you the ropes.


ALSO, we're setting up merchant slots in our EK, if you are interested in setting up a vendor join our discord (in the post) and message Lord Carupa (you don't need to join our guild to set up a vendor).

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New guild system; if you've been in here before, please check out the new information. If you're looking for a guild to participate in campaigns with, without material or time quotas, you found your new home.

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