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[<3] Unparalleled is recruiting small scale, anti-zerg PvP


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Small scale has a place in this game. 


Founded in Albion Online, we are Unparalleled. Just like in Albion, we are hated more than any other guild. You may find a lot of gamer dads in Crowfall that delve into useless, Idiocracy-like point farming, general chat roleplaying, or Shroud of the Avatar-like dance parties and think this game might not be for you. You are wrong. There are a lot of guilds that are allied with way too many guilds, similar to Albion. There is a clear red vs blue war going on between two major factions in this game. Our guild is focused on killing these guys and not allying with as many people as possible. All we care about is maximizing our PvP content such as anti-zerg, small scale, and ganking. By joining us, you end up with all the PK PvP content you remember from UO or Darkfall or Albion. 

This is one of the hardest guilds you could be in as we are playing against people who are in full-scale Albion Handholding mode in a small game,

With great challenge comes great reward. After getting zerged down by scripting gamer dads for a few weeks, you may find that you have the situational awareness of at least 5 of these guys combined and your in game athleticism and footwork is now unsurpassed. You may find yourself able to 1vX and you can run around this game feeling like a world boss. Having so much PvP means you will have more experience than the rest of these guilds as they tend not to fight outside of a large zerg. 

PVP Players- Currently, sieges are 8:30pm EST-12:30 PM EST. While we are active during this time and are trying to create new anti-zerg meta, our main hours of activity are all other times. We tend to gank a lot. 

Gatherers- Gatherers are welcome but if you enjoy killing mega alliance gatherers and taking all their loot while gathering, that is better. 

Crafters - If you are interested in crafting you are welcome. We have dedicated guild crafters and we allow other planned crafting as well.

Message: Parallel#6524 on discord, you can contact me in Albion Online or in Crowfall as the name "Parallel" 
Apply: Crowfall.com/guild and search for Unparalleled

Also if you don't join us and want this kind of content, join Spectre Legion. They are similar. 

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