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[NA/EU] Valeria Recruiting All Professions/Classes!


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Accepting all applications, both new/veteran players!!!!

 About Us

Valeria [VAL] is a multi-gaming global community that originally formed three years ago through Conqueror’s Blade. Focused in games that prioritize PvP and territory control. We are striving to be the guild that fights the Zergs. Helping the underdogs grow and prosper. In Crowfall, we expect this to be no different. All the while, remaining at the top of the leaderboards with an active and friendly community. 

Consisting of First Responder, Active/Retired Military, as well as workers in healthcare we live the motto, “In real life first”. All the while, maintaining a community of which is competitive and at the top of the leader-boards, while maintaining a fun atmosphere for our members.


What we Offer

·        Active + Quality community

·        Organized Duels/Tournaments

·        Weekly drills/scrimmages

·        Guild Merchant EK: Buy/Sell wares 

·        Months of Beta + Alpha experience



Goals / Vision

Here at Valeria we plan to compete in future campaigns, earning the rewards our community would like the most. Crowfall is unique in the sense that you get to choose how you compete. With various reward, based on completion of certain objectives, our goals will change from campaign to campaign. However, in the end, we aim to always be on the top of the leaderboards while maintain a fun atmosphere for our members.


If you have any questions feel free to add us or join our Guilded(https://www.guilded.gg/r/cFXENk0qAj?i=kdK0RgBm) to see what we are all about. See you on the battlefield Crows!



Website (Work in progress): https://www.valeriagaming.com/

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Fantastic group of people. Very helpful not just in game but out as well. Like a giant family ready to conquer the world. Can't recommend them enough.

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I've been in 3 guilds over the last 5+ years of development. I'm super encouraged about Valeria. Unlike some of the "leet" guilds, Valeria doesn't recruit only veteran players. Our leadership encourages new players to try us out as well as trying the game out. Valeria has spawned many new guilds simply by being a great team, inviting, and patient for new players. Valeria truly doesn't expect a recruit to be an expert at the game. We expect folks to learn - and to be willing to learn.

Our track record during Beta has us placing in the top 3 whenever we decided to do so. We are competitive against the "leet" guilds, as our history in the Beta has proven. Our guild leadership has a proven track record of winning - at PvP, at Group vs Group, at Guild versus Guild. We have executed serious crafting skills. 

We have a share and share alike precept for "stuff" - we don't hoard, and we don't expect you to pay for the privilege of wearing our tag. Our history is such that our players simply want to contribute to help the guild perform. We have a place for folks that only want to chop heads. We have a place for pure crafters. And, we have a place for casual players that only want to play a few hours a week.

Come and have fun. Come and play to be competitive. Come, and enjoy the community.

ShadowBane - Former IC of Societas Daemonica (2005 -2014)

ShadowBane - Former IC Nordic Chapter SB (2004)

ShadowBane -  Former IC / NL of House of Atreides, Damnation (2003-2004)

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This Guild is great, They really like to have fun. Last night they played in Skypoint attacking/defending Keeps and forts with 20+ Guineceans vanguards. Wiping entire well build comps. They are also not to stricted and wont force you to play certain characters and builds like other of the top guilds. Also consistantly in the top 3 in Dregs and first multiple time holding the Castle. 

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On 7/5/2021 at 9:41 PM, seventhbeacon said:

I like the tone and mission of this guild, gotta say!

Well thank you!! More than welcome to join us in our conquest!!! 

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interested in this community/guild, have a few friend looking to maybe join as well. were and older group that have been playing together a few years, just some questions would like to ask before fully joining. Thanks

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Newly joined Valeria for this game. Found that they are a somewhat rare combo of both helpful and welcoming to new players, and yet also able to be effective on the battlefield and leaderboards. Multiple large fights being outnumbered and coming out on top, sometimes with no deaths for the entire group. Would join again!

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For sure. We do multiple internal guild events throughout the entire day. But the main siege events are from 830pm EST - 1230 pm EST. 1030 - 1130 EST are the keep windows 


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