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Duplicate powers, attribute cap and range


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Hi, I'm going over what class I'd like to play, but I'm unsure about how some of the mechanics work atm.


Crowcaine says that as a Human Archer (Dark), you can take the Dead Eye major, which grants Sparring as a passive.

However, I also have the option of grabbing Sparring as a minor.

What happens if I do this? Will it just give me one Sparring effect or does it stack and give me both?

Same question applies to Sharpshooter and All Clear.


Also, if I try to increase Dexterity beyond 200 on my build using attribute points, Crowcaine won't let me.

The Human Dex cap is 250, is it not?


Third question, by taking Dead Eye, Sharpshooter and Barbed Stake, I'm reaching 56 Ranged Distance.

I heard that some bows artificially increase this even further but also that there is a hard cap on Ranged Distance, which would make some of my discs superfluous, wouldn't it?


I'd be happy if someone could bring me up to speed on this~

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