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Why cant i download game?


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12 hours ago, exz said:

So been backer since day one. Now i am back for playing the game i have Amber package. But when i go to Download Client on website it says . Purchase Game to enable download o.O. what to do now?


10 hours ago, AlexanderDeLarge said:

Same would really appreciate an answer to this.


5 hours ago, commissarvodka said:

Yeah I've just got this issue too. Was sponsored & given access to a game package back last year & I've been making content quite often. Was able to play about four days ago & now suddenly I need to Purchase Game to Enable Download.. 0.o 


5 hours ago, Grimbone said:



For those who are new here, welcome to the forums. For the others - welcome back. ;)

First of all: In case of doubt, just contact support@crowfall.com and they will do their best to help you. But quite often it's a just an user error or a misunderstanding that lead to the issue.

This being said, there are several reasons, why you may not be able to download the game. The most important of them: You don't own a game copy.

Some people who backed the game, gave away their bundle that contained their "Digital Game Copy" (which is what makes you own the game). Sometimes not knowing they gave away the game by that. Or simply forgetting it. So first of all, make sure you still own the Game Copy.

-> Enter the rewards tab of your account management and search for "Digital Game Copy". If there is at least 1 of those, you should be able to play the game, it's yours.

If there is not, you may check wether you actually bought it to begin with in your order history or your consumed rewards, or if you gave your bundle away via gifting.

It's important to know that owning the Digital Game Copy (and thereby owning the game and being able to play it after launch) is completely different from the ability to play(test) it prior to launch. 

For example: If you bought a kickstarter bundle that included a Game Copy, but gave away this bundle later on ... you would still have had play(test) access prior to launch, and you would still have the according forum badge, because those were not just granted by bundles, but also buy sum-total spent during kickstarter and in the later shop. With launch this changed though, of course.


tl;dr: Check if you bought a bundle that included the "Digital Game Copy". Check wether you actually own a "Digital Game Copy" in your rewards tab right now. If not, check if you gave your bundle away in your gifting tab. If you own a Digital Game Copy (or if you don't, but think you should) contact support@crowfall.com. They are the only ones who can help you with such kind of issues.


Have fun, good luck

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More to the point, there is a Digital Game Copy under the Codes section.  Under a big heading saying "Available Codes for Friends".  

Is this my code, or is this a code I can actually give away?



Program / Description / Remaing Uses / Times Used

Collectors Edition Trial Codes / Collectors Edition Trial Codes / 2 / 0

Collectors Edition Game Copy / Collectors Edition Game Copy / 1 / 0


I appear to be playing fine since launch; so these seems to be a legitimate extra copy I can give away.

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