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Winterblades Crafting Combinations (Updated for 6.54*)

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Back in late 2017, early 2018, the Winterblades set out to provide and share portions of our knowledge we had learned over (at that time) 3 years of testing Crowfall. While being a competitive game, we always wanted to foster a stronger community and help make some of the mysteries in the game/crafting systems less opaque. This led to a series of documents and tools created by many members in Winterblades for community usage whether it was Jah's Maps that he created from patch 5.0-5.7 and Yoink's Character Creation Calc.

The one tool that has stood the test of time since being one of our first resources introduced is the Winterblades Crafting Combination sheet. Built initially off of @Hyriol's original resource combinations, it provided a guide to what combinations were valid and what stats they produce. These days, ACE now shows what wildcard combinations produce and we've updated our spreadsheet to more accurately represent/match those while also including some extra data on the stat values. The goal now is to provide a resource that helps new crafters as well as provides an easier resource to have open while crafting.

Check out our sheet here: http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations

The sheet has been mostly updated for 6.540 with a couple of exceptions. The primary one being the food page. I'll be working on that one here later this week. It is a bit of a monster due to some of the changes so I've been procrastinating on completing that. Things that are still pending updates or are deprecated should be marked identifying it as a known issue.

Shoot me a PM on the forums or on Discord if you run across something that appears to be wrong. 


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