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Explanation of CC in Crowfall


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I haven't played much recently but I know that each class has a stamina bar under their health that is yellow and feeds your retaliate ability to break cc. I saw mention on one tooltip during the last testing though that talked about building resolve.

How does that work exactly?

Does it make you cc immune for a short time or does it reduce cc duration on your character?

How do you know how much you have built up?



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I'm not the most knowledgeable, but I believe it eventually builds up cc immunity for a short time.  When your character is highlighted in that light blue/white aura, you are cc immune.  I do not know how to see how close you are to hitting the immunity, however (if there is a way).

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Whenever you get cc'd you can press 'R' to retaliate. If you retaliate then it completely removes the cc effect from you but uses ~40% of your stamina bar. If you're out of stamina then you can't retaliate and you have to wait the cc out. Another thing is that, most ultimates will instantly break you out of cc and give you immunity for ~5 seconds. This means that most classes can break out of ~3 CC's in a row before they can't anymore unless they have abilities that break cc or have extra stamina via food buffs, potions, abilities etc...

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