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HEMUS "The Noble House" [EU] is recruiting!


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HEMUS "The Noble House" [EU] 

  • We are an international Guild with more then 20 years of MMO and sandbox gaming experience. Our goal is to create a Kingdom for all players to enjoy. An economic military and entertainment center in the Corwfall univese. Conquest, Crafting, Trading and Socializing are our main pillars of gameplay. We welcome hardcore as well as casual players and guilds to join our community.

Our Goals:

- establish a community with dedicated people which share the same goals and unite under the banners of the HEMUS Guild.
- Build an open Kingdom where other Guilds, Traders Crafters Citizens and Visitors could enjoy, prosper and feel at home. 
- Conquer, Raid and Loot new Territories.
- Guild and Kingdom Events

We offer:
- a place to call home to prosper and enjoy the game
- pvp and call to arms events
- crafting and gathering events
- subguilds titles and land for our dedicated members and leaders
- teamspeak (voice communication is required)
- website and forum (under development)

We are looking for:

- dedicated players which share our goals and principles
- pvp players for our military order.
- crafters, traders and gatherers for our trading order

Join us and become part of one of the leading Guilds and Kingdoms in the realm. Fight, Craft, Trade and prosper with us!

Apply now!

We use Guilded as main guild communication platform

For Guilds:

For Guilds which would like to take part of our Kingdom and would like to apply for land and titles and become part of the community
please PM us with some more information about your goals and guild size.
We would be glad to review your request.

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