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Can't buy the game

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I am logged in and all and am trying to buy the game but every time I go to the store page via any link (shop from the dropdown top menu, "buy game" from the download client page, "play now" button), the page loads but there's just nothing there. I've tried in Chrome (which I use as my test bed: it is just a default install w/ no options changed or extensions added) and Edge, same results. I'd really like to buy the game and check it out. I'm guessing your servers are just overwhelmed. Here's what it looks like:


blank store

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If you applied a discount code. Have ACE support remove it. I couldn't buy the game until I ask them to remove the code from my account. Not sure if will help you but it is worth a try. Also you can contact support@crowfall.com 

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Oh I have no idea if I did that. I guess I could just email support regardless and see what they say. Thanks.


Edit: Issue now resolved. Must have been related to whatever login issues they said they were dealing with but the store just now loaded swiftly and I managed to buy a copy.

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