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Kalai’s hooves rang heavy on the cobblestone leading up to the abandoned shrine. A simple pool of water, unnaturally pure in an otherwise mossy grove. On the water’s surface, an elderly woman with freshly open wounds glared at her own reflection.

Another defeat. She chastened herself with a voiceless curse. Their greatest setback in centuries.

The Gaean Refuge had been sacked in its own kingdom. Its temple was destroyed, and the mortals and crows they’d given shelter to had been forced to flee by an attacking band of Sun Worshippers. As always, no single deity could be definitively proven to be behind the assault. That didn’t stop Kalai from guessing, though in her heart, she blamed the lot of them. None of the eleven were trustworthy.

Her hand fell onto the emblem of the Gaean Remnant, a symbol stitched into the shoulder padding of her simple cloth armor. A black background symbolized the dying worlds, with red vertical stripes reminiscent of the Mother’s blood and a single white flower in the foreground – reminder of a fragile hope for a life the dead goddess would have wanted them to secure.


She shook off her reverie, reaching into her pouch for the coin-like mortal souls that served as currency in the Eternal Kingdoms. They would be a necessary sacrifice, so that others might live on. One by one, she thanked them in a whisper, then dropped them in the pool and watched in sorrow as they sank to the bottom. Moments after they perished, their energies fueled the waters for the resurrection of the crows. Only a handful of souls would be needed tonight. The were few crows left to reanimate.

Seconds later, the first began to rise.

Kalai’s voice was brittle as an autumn frost, and it broke often. Her words listed in a breathy, wistful rasp like a hollow wind blowing through an icy cave.

“Welcome back, Saerus.”

He had taken the vessel of a smaller guinecean, and his reply was in the faster, higher pitch of a young child.

“High Lady-” Saerus hesitated as he addressed her with the temporary title only to evoke a sharp wince from Kalai. The Refuge was a democracy of sorts. Every three months a popular vote determined the head of the civil government. But as it stood, Kalai knew she would not seek re-election. Not after this. “-Did any mortals survive?”

Kalai shook her head.

“None, beyond my pocket change. We will need to rebuild the Refuge from scratch.”

Attacks in the Eternal Kingdoms were quite rare. All of the Eleven maintained a public face of sympathetic support for the followers of Gaea when in the safety of their home realm. The Remnant would have no issues accessing supplies stored in the banks of the Timeless One – but doing so would bear an implied debt that could be called on in the future. Such charity rang hollow – any members that left for the dying worlds to secure resources for those back home would be met with the same desperate and lethal opposition as the champions of any other deity – worse, they were often seen as the softer targets without the patron Gaea to defend them.

There were so few crows left. They would have no choice but to face the dangers soon and fight for more.


Fight for the Fallen Lady- keep her sanctum open to all. Join the Gaean Remnant. [RP]

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