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[ANKI] - Annihilation Kingdom - [EU/NA]

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What a nice last big fight in the campaign, enjoyed it:)
Great teamwork in that choke, just 5 people to hold off against that attack so well


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EU Dregs Campaign Victory

Annihilation Kingdom have battled the mighty and have came out on top to win the EU Dregs Campaign for August in 2021. This is a super achievement by every member of this guild including our alliance, everyone put in the effort and in the end the result was incredible.


An extended post can be found here below.


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ANKI recruitment is open! We are looking for active players in ALL timezones to join our ranks. Join one of the leading and most active guild in Crowfall!

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  • Gabz changed the title to [ANKI] - Annihilation Kingdom - [EU/NA]
8 hours ago, DevyneOpal said:

🤞 Hoping I can join!


8 hours ago, StaticPanda said:

This will be the ladder portion of Shute and Ladders!

Welcome to the guild! 🎉

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