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Quick Overview

We are a game wide clan where we have members from various of different games all united to enjoy the games that we play in a relaxed manner. We're group of people who are open to any game mode whether it is serious or just strolling around to enjoy the view as the time passes by. 

We have a huge amount of experience in MMORPG as this clan was a part of a game of this genre. Now, we are looking to expand the guild in Crowfall!



There are no requirements to join, you can be of any level, we are happy to teach each other and to improve together. If this is what you are looking for then feel free to join!



The only rules that are applied are the everyday life rules that we follow, such as being respectful to one another.


How to Join

1. Join the guild's Discord server.

2. Join the guild in-game or using the link here.

3. Submit an application in how you found out about us and why'd you like to join including the roles you can play as.

4. Please confirm your Crowfall name when joining on Discord.


We look forward to welcoming new members! 😀



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Campaign Leaderboard

This section contains the position we have finished in the Dregs campaigns.

1st Campaign - EU


2nd Campaign - EU


3rd Campaign - Global


4th Campaign - Global


5th Campaign - Global

In Progress...

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1 hour ago, Prometeu said:

A warm welcome to Crowfall on behalf of KDS! 


Thank you @Prometeu for the warm welcome! All the best and enjoy the game on behalf of ANKI! :) 

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The Guild is now filled with 100+ of wonderful people! 😀

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  • Gabz changed the title to [ANKI] - Annihilation Kingdom

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