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Guild Creation Error


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Hi all,

I'm trying to create a guild and I'm getting some errors.  I looked for an answer to this problem but was unable to find one.

Are there requirements for guild creation that I'm not aware of? Certain level requirement? Something I need to buy from the store?

Any help is welcome. Thank you

When I put in all the information for my guild, the error comes up:

Uh Oh!
There was an error when attempting to create your Guild.
Please address the errors noted on the form and try again.

The additional errors are:

Request body validations were not successful

description does not match the required pattern /^(^[^;<>\\\[\]{}`~|]{0,400}$){0,}$/i


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Looks like my guild description was too long. I got the guild to create and put the description in later.  Added one sentence at a time until it wouldn't let me save changes.

A clear character limit would have been helpful.

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