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Last I remember, I was headed for the healer on the north side of the island.  Wake up and instead of the usual smock and my dagger, I've got two daggers, a bow, and some arrows. Thinking "Cool", right? Going to head back to the bank and plink away at folks from the docks with the bow, but the bank's not there. And the dock's not there. Well, nothing that I remember is really there. No one's around.


Punched a tree out of frustration and a wrapped bundle of sticks fell on me.

Fascist trees.

Punched it some more, because that's what you do to fascist, but then the tree broke. I broke a tree. Grabbed some logs and stuffed them in my pocket. 

Crap... my boat was newbied but now it's gone. No boat in my pocket, just these logs. Useless logs.

Nothing seems to attack so, going to curl up at the base of a tress and get some sleep. 

Woke up. Felt weird.

Flew back to where I first came to and realized there was a whole big stone thing with a bunch of statues that I completely missed before. A deer dude, megafat dude, normal dude, cow dude, kinda sexy metrosexual dude, and a creepy horse dude. Since punching trees worked, I went to punch the cow dude, but then I noticed I couldn't because I didn't have fists, just wings, and now I'm freaking out. I totally missed the fact that I flew here and I'm not sure why I'm a little blue ghost bird, but now it just dawned on me I no longer have my boat OR the logs. 

It was then that I noticed the caterpillar sitting on the mushroom, toking mad hookah hits as he watched me intently. I asked him what the deal was here, and he said "One statue will make you grow taller, and the other statue will make you grow shorter," which made no sense because there was a half dozen statues there. So I asked if he could explain more and he said to touch the Minotaur to become the minotaur and then went down the line of the rest of them. Cool, right. I can become a deer dude so I went and touched the deer and BAM I'm a deer dude. Not deer woman, because if I was, I would be sexy AF and wouldn't be standing around this floating island all by myself with jack squat but rocks, dirt, and trees as far as the eye can see. A hungry deer... with a hankerin' for apples. And no food in sight so I asked the caterpillar where food was and he went on about eating the side of the mushroom. Sorry, not going to eat anything a 6-foot caterpillar had its ass on all day. 

But then a tired come over me and I slept for months. Or a year. Or a few years maybe. 

So there I was on the grass having the most peaceful eternal nap ever when I wake up to a giant rat kissing me on the cheek and I'm like ACK WTF, BRO?!?!?! And the rat turns to his minotaur buddy and says "Oh my god, it works," to which the mino said "the Snow White crap? OMG, dude, I was messing with you. LOL made you kiss a dude!" The two just spent the next five minutes dancing, spouting profanity, and laughing hysterically.

I shook off my slumber, regained my faculties, and consoled myself in that at least I'm a person (not animal person) once again.  As their cacophony had begun subsiding, I decided to get some answers. 

"Who are you?" 

The two stopped dead in their tracks and looked at me with total seriousness in their eyes. 

"Remember when we joined you in that lame ass 2D thing? Well, "explained the rat dude, "before we went back to Fortnite, you went on again about the voices in your head talking about some Crowfall thing. So we googled it and found it was releasing so we got it and... BooYAH! Here we are, bro!"

Crowfall? Goo-goo'd? Toodie thing? "Guys, what the hell is going on?" 

The mino guy started chuckling and tapped the rat on the shoulder. "Bro, he still thinks he's real." "No prob. We all have our demons. Remember you and BBQ rice patties all last year?" The rat leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear, "We'll get through this together, bro."

"Right. Together," chimed in the mino, "and on that note, I want to bring up the pressing issue of reforming the guild."

"Yes! Clan talk!" shouted a way too enthusiastic rat person. 

The mino looked at me and continued, "Here's the deal. Since running a clan is like work, and you're much better at doing work than the rest of us, I'm going to make you the guild leader." 


"Well, *I* don't play games to do work, and Dragon doesn't do -"

I cut him off right there, glanced at the rat, "DragonFury?" then back at the mino, "DizzyBees?" A feeling of dread came over me. "Please tell me Cree-"

The two in unison shouted "Creeeedmooooor in the house!" 


Which brings me to today. My name is BucDen. I am the leader of MOON, a clan of three or four lunatics obsessed with rampant deforestation, bringing wildlife to extinction level numbers, and random acts of murder all for the singular goal of making better weapons and armor to to do the aforementioned tasks better to make even better weapons and armor to... well, you get the point. 

Three or four? Yes, because I'm almost certain Creedmoor isn't real. Speaking of real, going to scour the island to see if that caterpillar dude was real. If not, *shrug* gonna just punch some trees and see what else falls out. 




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Teamed up with DragonFury today. Taught him what I knew about Eternal Kingdoms. In the end, he ended up saying he wanted to just own some land in my kingdom. That was kind of a relief to hear because he response to everything else I said for the past half hour was "gripe, I'm Madonna."

I heard something about alliances and I'm thinking that's an idea I'm going to need to look into. I'm quite sure there's resources or merc work we can provide for a bigger guild that'll take us under their wing. And on the topic of combat, I haven't found any yet. Maybe I haven't gotten there or maybe I'm just not worth the durability hit to attack me, but so far I have successfully mined every rock to date without once getting slammed in the back with a dagger, mace, or fireball. Not that I'm itching for some Dransik Mainland jail time, but I need to spice up the rock smacking a bit. 

Speaking about spice, I have oodles of Urgu Spice Mix so I should probably see what I can whip up with it. On my first day here, I was able to cook up meat. Just meat. For the life of me, I can't figure out how or where to do that again. 

And speaking of "can't figure out", the last time I died, there where three small white pillars of light and one big red pillar of light. Pillar of light usually means "come here". Bigger usually means "this is the more important one" and red usually means "this is bad". I had no idea where to go, but flying was fun, especially once I found out that if I fly into a mountain, I can knock myself upside-down or sideways for a while. Crap. I just realized that I forgot which light I went to.  Oh well, there's always next death, and since I'm looking for PVP, that death shouldn't be too far off. 

Til next time...



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Hi, I'm DragonFury. You may know me form.... from... from... ewww...  I'm not famous so you won't know me. But Buc knows me. We play Fortnite together but there's two things about Buc. Thing One, he doesn't know he's not real. Thing Two, he sucks at Fortnite. He also sucks at Rocket League. So when he comes around, just act like he's real and don't do any RL stuff because it confuses him. And definitely don't play Rocket League with him because he's terrible at it. 





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Hello. my name is DizzyBees. I cook and shoot fire balls. Ive spent my whole life learning to cook.

[Writer then fell asleep while he was writing this]

Edited by DizzyBees
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As two of our four have already returned to their previous realms,

DizzyBees and I have dropped our banner and joined the ranks of Team Casualty. 


Peace.  o/

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  • 3 weeks later...

The grandoise plans originally concocted for a bustling village have been abandoned. 
Instead, we have converted Clan Lunatics' Eternal Kingdom into DizzyBees' personal bodega. 

Here to hawk his wares is Dizzy himself...


Edited by BucDen
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