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Crashing and slow


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Guys i don't know what happened, game worked until this release i cannot get it now, i created my character, and that is all, installed, repaired deleted reinstated game, lowered from full screen to windows 1280 still crashing, game is totally slow losing so I annoyed to wait and only reason that i waited is as i spent money and so much time waiting !! There is no use to make nice game if you don't make it easy to access it, it is loading on black screen that i don't have any idea what is going on until i got a crash window and it asks to send report that i did twice ... So guys i really hope you can get this game to work, Good luck even if it is easy to find job in game industry lately it is still a long process!

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4 minutes ago, Dashkova said:

But hey , the crown store is working just fine... funny aint it ? 

I didnt tryed it but i was so happy to finally start game after all this years and you can imagine my delusion with constant crashing, i send them email so im now waiting ... but as i say it is not important how good is game if people crash and never seen it ... 

Even if it is free if it is slow who will play it?


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