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Seriously this is the only forum I can post in?


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Hi just introducing myself...

Your forum sucks, put a start thread button on each sub forum.

Any thread I attempt to start on your reddit is auto deleted.

Put a remember password option in your client, not allowing us to do so encourages us to use weak passwords (yes, I know you have 2FA, which we also wont use because that also makes logging in more difficult)

Game seems interesting can't wait to sink some time into it but so far the difficulting i'm having conveying an opinion or simply making a suggestion makes me hate the devs. I assume this thread will be deleted.


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It would be nice if the 2FA only kicked in on new IP addresses. Putting it in every time is a hassle. Or even if you could just tap a push notification from your 2FA app when you attempt to login..

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Stayling logged in to the website, but getting auto-disconnected from the forums, causes me to have to sign out and sign back in on the website, just to log in to the forums again.

It's been this way for years.

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