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[CaImp] Cardinal Imperia is Recruiting!


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Cardinal Imperia

Motto: Excellence through attitude.

Mission Statement: Enrich our lives while we fill our pockets.

Goal: Build a close knit guild who support and respect each other.
At this time, the roster is empty, and looking for the right people to build a great gaming group.


Mature attitude/mentality.
Focus on the group not solely on ones self.
Be willing to engage in both PvE and PvP on a regular basis.
Understand that life comes first.
Join us on Discord.

So what does this mean?

You will never be forced into a rigid schedule for involvement with the guild. (Play when you want.)
Immaturity will quickly get you kicked permanently.
Build yourself up, but realize that you'll grow faster working together.
Communication is key.  If you're going to be gone an extended period, let those in leadership roles know.  (You won't be kicked unless absolutely necessary.)

Is Cardinal Imperia an established gaming group?

No, however I do have ties to many groups, some of whom will be in Crowfall as our allies (and some possibly as our frenemies).

I have more questions!

So ask me already.  If I'm not online when you are, just send a friend request and I'll accept and talk to you when we both are on.

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We're currently looking for more DPS/Tank types, as we already have a couple of healers.  If your goal is to be more of a crafter, you'll fit in just as well!

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