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Crash as soon as 100% loaded into world


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48 hours and no fix.. my buddy says people are already lvl 30 and pvping. so much for my plan , i played early for a reason. now im behind.. gonna get recked. 

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2 hours ago, Dashkova said:

good idea , they wont reply to me since i asked for a refund. ill just do a chargeback. 

Relax, there is simply no way they will be able to process a refund a few days after launch. As you are aware, they didnt have the smoothest of launches. A chargeback will take a while to finalize and does require you to make a good faith attempt to resolve the problem. I wouldnt want to call my bank without having made attempts, since that is the only question I remember them asking about. Not why or what was wrong with product, just when and how I tried to resolve. 

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I was basically given the typical IT crap.....restart your PC, launch as admin blah blah blah. I was told it was elevated but haven't heard back. There is a memory issue for sure, when I am loading into the world and it says "feeding crows" my memory starts to drop rapidly to about 4kGB then it crashes.

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