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The tutorial needs to be changed. It's extremely boring


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I just bought the game and if it wasn't for a friend convincing me there was an actual game after the tutorial I would've deleted the game and go through a chargeback to get my money back.

I sincerely hope the Development team and Leads see this, i have no other way to express it than just say its the most bland and boring set of quests and activities you can ask a player to do.


This is a PVP game, have your tutorial be:

1) Join a group of NPC to go capture a point.

2) Learn the basics of gathering in a SMALL area with minimal walking. 

3) Craft yourself a starter set of gear

4) Go Fight another fake-pvp style engagement. 

5) DONE.

All this nonsense go fight pigs and comeback is some real WOW-wannabe level of mindless gameplay that just wastes the player's time and serves no purpose to SELL THE GAME.

I have played for 1hour and have experience NOTHING that the game sells.

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You can't really complain that after 1h of play you where not thrown into some sieges can you? 

I mean I get it that this game has a pvp/rvr focus and that's also what I am here foremost besides the building and different world settings but I still quite enjoy the tutorial part as a start into the game. 

I backed this game years ago but harldy played it and the tutorial shows me quite well how the different things work step by step and it's like only a few hours anyway. 

I am still in the middle of it but if I understood it right it ends in some sort of pvp zones where the fighting starts just not in the 1st hour or so. I guess it's a matter of taste but you can always skip it anyway as well and insta level to 25 or so. 


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TBH it was much better than it was back in Beta.   It was super easy to level 30 and super boring.   For me, the frustrating part is the end grind because that's where you PvP and need to find groups.  

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I suppose it'll get improved in time, as more feedback comes by and things get more stable. It's easy to imagine they've got a lot on their mind, and they've got to make sure Crowfall keeps flying.

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